Do you like the planned sword nerf?


He has just about as much experience playing this game as you do sir candy.

I really think you should just take a step back and simmer down, don’t let this frustrate you.


I’ll post the active hours if my alive chars when I get home.

He clearly doesnt have any actual experience playing the game because he doesnt know how defense works I guess.


Here you go


Wonder why my top 4 chars are all melees in terms of play time and have high fame?
Because it’s impossible to die on one of these.


I took a look through @Backpedal’s graveyard, and it looks like they have trouble getting melees to survive for an extended period of time. This struggle is probably what makes them think that melees are hard to play with.


80 days of playing is still pretty considerable. More than enough to formulate an opinion on the game. Its totally okay if he has a different opinion than you on melee chars.You should respect his opinion even if it is misled.


:thinking: If he’s going to waltz in and try to claim he has experience, he better have the actual experience to back it up.

He clearly does not know the impact of melees on the endgame dungeons, and therefore his reasoning is invalid.


only 1 void completion lmao


I’ve been playing for 6ish years and I can definitely say that my best characters have probably been melees. Don’t play much anymore but my two highest fame chars are warrior and knight. No I don’t fame train or hack.


It’s called pressing R instead of leaving dungeons.

I’m definitely don’t do voids every day but I’ve done more than 1.


You can get a high fame char from any class, as long as you enjoy it and play on it enough. Rn my top ones are:


I can definitely say that all besides warr and pally are considered by myself to be horrible, terrible classes that can be fully replaced by different, better classes(most of the time), but yet somehow I got lucky on those classes instead of the better classes.


We legit have no statistics to believe you. Candy however does.


I hope some other people comment on here. I’m not the only one who thinks melee are a harder class to play. People definitely share my opinion.

Straight from the realmeye reddit:


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It’s good to hear this. I honestly think melee is so much harder than ranged simply because you need to actually know what all the mobs/bosses do. It’s a pretty crazy knowledge/time investment in a permadeath game.

I definitely get more loot and credit on my Necromancer while being 800% safer, not necessarily from doing more damage, but from not being forced to nexus at sub-40% hp because I went from 100-40 in less than half a second from projectiles I couldn’t even see because they spawned on top of me.


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Not in my experience. You’re much more likely to survive as a necro, wizard, or priest in a fight you don’t know just by sticking with the group than you are as a melee.


Deca should base things by looking at the average player and future players they’re looking to recruit because games become vastly easier as you reach end game (maxed divine pets/maxed characters).


Need to make something clear:

Soulbound is so low that if you are paying the slightest bit of attention, you will get loot. Basically, this will only change the speed of dungeon clearing, not survivability or skill cap.

Personally, I think it’s easier to leech on ranged in most low-mid tier dungeons, so melee deserves high damage. However, this nerf probably won’t be as consequential as one might think. If you were getting soulbound before, you’ll get soulbound now.

That being said, Lost Halls are easier as a melee when you’re in a group because you can’t just stand off to the side where the enemies can’t hit you and spam your ability.

@JayNoonz I agree, basically all people here are better than the average player. Our feedback is biased. The average player probably has only done a few lost halls at most.


Fam melees aren’t hard. I main warrior and usually it’s no big sweat. There is a REASON why of the top 100 characters on Realmeye, 13 are pally, 13 are knight and 14 are warrior. That’s 40% of all top characters represented by 20% of the classes. Pretty clear that they’re p damn overpowered.

Class # in top 100 by Fame
Archer 13
Assassin 4
Huntress 5
Knight 13
Mystic 2
Necro 5
Ninja 2
Pally 13
Priest 5
Rogue 3
Samurai 2
Sorcerer 9
Trickster 3
Warr 14
Wizzy 9


Dude the top 100 players are all fametrainers who /follow all day. If they really wanted to, they could use a 0/8 wizzy to get 100k fame. It has nothing to do with the class quality.


The fuck is /follow lmao


Hack client feature, follows a target.


You quoted the same guy 2 times.


Why would you ever need that? In fametrains you just walk along with everyone else, can’t get more braindead than that :\


Because sitting at a computer is hard. (A lot of these guys are afk and still want fame.)