Do you like the planned sword nerf?


The damage nerf means jackshit, and that’s because the loot system this game has.

There’s no point in having large amounts of DPS considering the Soulbound Threshold is really insignificant on many bosses, sure, it helps to kill that particular boss faster, but it doesn’t help on the overall loot at the end, not only because of RNG, but because nothing else you do during the battle (ignore the loot potions), like, healing your allies, buffing them, inflicting large amounts of damage on the boss, increases your chances at obtaining better loot.

Seriously, the only thing that you gain from a 8/8 character is more survivality, it’s great on a permadeath game, but it really doesn’t change anything on the loot situation because it’s out of your control, a 0/8 can get a White Bag while you will get a mark and a potion.

Just to emphasize on how ridiculous this loot system is, sure, it would be perfectly normal on a non-permadeath MMORPG game, where when your character dies, you’ll go back to a safe haven (in our case, Nexus), perhaps with some penalties on your stats and levels, or even no penalties at all. But in a permadeath game like is RotMG, that particular item you have grinded so hard for could be gone in mere seconds if you character dies, poof, just like that.


The damage nerf just means Halls and Voids will be more likely to fail.

If melee are popular classes for halls/voids and throwaway characters are common, that means that tiered sword nerfs will definitely have an impact.


You’re correct. I don’t know the drop rates of halls.

But, if we say for the sake of argument the lost halls whites have a drop rate of 3%, most characters that enter a lost halls will die before getting a white.

My guess would be that halls whites are closer to 1%.


You’re correct that I didn’t ask you about the other whites you received.

My point is that you appear to be a competent player. However, I can’t find you or GGaodzilla on the top 1000 character halls completion boards.

That means neither of your dead characters survived at least 10 total halls.

I know dungeon counter is very inaccurate. But it really does show that barely any characters survive enough Halls for Halls to be considered a dungeon where you gain more than you lose.

Of course you can use throwaway characters. However, nerfing swords will hurt those characters the most and just make future runs harder.


Void completion is what you should be looking at.


??? Clearly you don’t know how void completions work


melees were balanced when pets didn’t exist. before pets, melees had to bob in and out of the fight to regain hp, which meant they had less opportunities to get damage. but with pets, melees can perma buff and rarely have to back out of a fight, which completely overshadows the original purpose of the short ranged melee class.

TL;DR: melees op, deca nerf pls


Damn you guys flexing your 250+ void completions while im only at 130 :frowning:


Damn you guys flexing your 130+ void completions while im only at 0 :frowning:


Damn you guys flexing your 130+ void completions while im only at -12 :frowning:


Ok I didn’t think to use the void completions. I apologize. I’ll have to check those leaderboards.


this is from 13 months ago (when I played the game actively)

I can assure you that I know what I’m talking about


Notice how the gap between first and third is so large lmao


the whole of black bullet is insane ngl


Nerfing swords i’m glad Deca has the guts to do something like that.




If only they had the guts to nerf pets lol


Not too big of a deal if UT swords remain the same. However, I’d be pretty pissed if they didn’t change Saint Nicks’ and Cutlass, because then they’d be just better than t13 and easy to get


I hope not.

I’m all for a good challenge.

I just hate when one day something is easy and the next day the exact same thing is harder. It doesn’t add anything at all it just gives you a sense of loss.

Let’s say tomorrow they gave Septavius super steroids and every shot did 300 dmg and he had 3 times his normal health.

The amount of UDLs would go down drastically.

If any of you have played Destiny you’ll know that bullet sponge bosses are just poor developer design.

As I mentioned with Nevov the Oryx changes were good because they added a new element to the game (as much as I hate the sun phase).

The sword nerf just turns the bosses into more bullet sponges with nothing new added to them. It also makes all the melees more ut reliant which is never a good thing.

Instead of looking at swords they should look at tiered bows because they definitely need some love.

Finally, I just want to say lots of people here seem to be advocating for a more hardcore version of the game. I’d be all for that if drop rates were reasonable. When I go years without seeing an etherite dagger drop from skuld, I’m sorry but I’m totally against your proposed changes. It took me years to get a jugg and thanks to the terrible drop rates I’m never using it.

I hope the nerfs don’t happen. I’ve said everything I can possibly say. I’ve laid out multiple times why I believe melee is inferior and deserves good damage. It’s harder to master and can be unforgiving in certain circumstances. It’s also much more pet reliant than some of the other classes.

P.S. I polled all my guildmates about the Halls event and they reported multiple deaths during the event. They agreed with me that halls is a net loss unless you’re using throwaways.


“bullet sponges”

M8 according to the leak, that’s ~ a 20% nerf to melee’s damage on splendor and almost a third more damage on sinister deeds (while sadamune got a quarter more for some reason), and you’re saying that’s gonna turn bosses into bullet sponges? Get out of here.

Yeah, they could buff tiered bows too but for the moment everyone is just gonna stick w/ the holy trinity of leaf bow, dbow and cbow.