Do you like the planned sword nerf?


Awfully bold of you to presume I would ever switch from using Nectar Crossfire once I get one again


Re. bosses taking longer to die - Something to remember is the leak seemed to suggest there would be buffs to other weapons in parallel, so the overall consequence is bosses etc might actually die at the same pace or even faster than now. Difficult to guess.


Uhhh yeah about that, I never really learned how to go balls deep as a melee and still don’t to this day. It baffles me that many players do.
This is why I stick to ranged classes in MMORPGs, I even learned how to do tombs and shatters with them, I did tombs as necromancer and shatters as huntress

So I guess my question is if people manage to play them as OP as they are can they still play them as well in comparison to other classes?


Compare warrior to wizard in a solo scenario. Warrior undoubtedly has more dps, but wizzy has longer range. Warrior however in some respects is safer, as you have a high speed and excellent defense.

It is harder to play warrior, but done well it is more rewarding.


How does buffing septavius to 300 damage in any way shape or form have to do with a sword buff?

Even so, it’d still be an easy boss if you can dodge (just back out of the room on the brown quiet phase if those bullets did 300 damage).

Well polling people at YOUR skill level doesn’t reflect good halls players.

I only (actually) died on 1 throwaway bc I got enough base fame on my sorc to die with my throwaway pally for a divine pet.
Plus I got a void bow after around 5 halls.

Not that complex


There’s little coincidence that my top 3 fame characters at the moment are my pally, warrior, and knight (#4/5 being archer/hunt).

Bow classes are perfectly fine where they are (which is why I’m guessing that bows were not reworkd) and so are the stave/wand classes (which are heavily ability based, possibly even more so than the melees).


Judging from the fact that players still believe that UT Bows are a must for playing Bow classes, I can only doubt this.
UTs should not be required to make a class fun to play.


I was speaking in terms of their usefullness with all UTs.

Of course UTs being necessary isn’t right, but archer is a far far less troubled class than the melees.


Compared to some other classes that are out there, bow classes without ut bows are still somewhat worthwhile.

Ut bows are better in pretty much every way tho.


I’m really not trying to attack you about the Halls thing, but your 3 deaths during the halls event is a pretty big loss for a casual player. Getting an 8/8 with casual play and no keys takes weeks for me. The only reliable source of life I can count on is thicket.

If any of those three characters had a jugg, ogmur, or oreo it could potentially set you back hundreds of hours. Items like backpacks are also unobtainable under normal gameplay circumstances.

My guildmates died 2-3 times during the event as well.

Like Primegrind mentioned we really don’t have exact drop statistics so it’s hard to comment.

However, all of the anecdotal evidence points to Halls as a constant source of death for even the best of players.


Oh thank goodness at least someone agrees with me.


Saw the edit :wink:


Did you read a word that I said?

Consider the first 2 deaths me suiciding unnecessary characters to get my divine pet.

Here’s the thing.

A player who actually plays the game actively and cares about their characters won’t die.

As I’ve said, I literally do not play this game actively, so all my characters (except my 4 year old pally which I still cherish) are all worthless to me.

You’re also contradicting yourself: You mention taking backups to halls (which I do also) but nobody sane would bring jugg or ogmur to a lost halls.

Ogmur is detrimental as both bosses are immune to armor break, jugg is useless with the armor pierce. May as well bring a bee helm.

I’ve actually brought oreos to halls before in 1.0, they’re great fun and I don’t really care if I die with one of the 5 oreos I have left.

Even if the whites are 1/100 there’s 9 potential drops of white bags per halls.
(4 if you do the easier cult run where it’s impossible to die)


I mentioned Jugg and Ogmur to highlight people who aren’t using throwaways.

When I talked to my guild, we agreed that Halls wasn’t worthwhile without throwaways.

You said that my guild discussion doesn’t reflect good halls players.

So then I point out that you died three times with 3 essentially throwaway characters. It gave you enough fame to get a divine (congrats!).

I might be wrong here but it doesn’t sound like you were running straight into the void entity to kill your characters.

So I’m saying that you must agree with my guild to some degree.

I finish off my argument by saying that even throwaways take some time to build up. Again, my best buds gave up because they got tired of making new chars for halls.




Just gonna throw out there that a LOT of people run Halls on non-throwaways and still get rich quick. Making a profit in LH is easy if you know what you’re doing.


Yeah I don’t bring throwaways(by my standards at least), and my wealth hasn’t diminished for quite a while. A 6/8 char in everything but vit and wis costs 4ish decker rings and I usually end up with 6+ from a good char’s loot from lhs.


Well by my standards its any 8/8 that I have a duplicate of, and that duplicate has more fame and/or good items.

“Throwaway” is a broad term


How do people constantly die in halls? Once you learn void’s shot patterns and get good at dodging mbc the rest is easy. As long as you’re paying attention to what’s going on and the group isn’t clueless, halls is pretty safe/easy.


Cool. Okay. Epic.

Now take my 3 fps laptop and try doing a void run :smiling_imp:


I know but crap, only hackers with auto-aim can get the perfect spell bomb now. I can’t remember the last time I landed a perfect spell bomb and I used to be able to do it pretty regular. I haven’t played wizzy for a long time and it used to be my fav.