Do you like the Toxic Sewers Dungeon?


Well, do you? Describe your thoughts on this dungeon below if you want.

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Takes a while, but I find it more enjoyable to clear with a lot less cheap shots than, let’s say, abyss of demons

Personally I enjoy the dungeon and the boss fight


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Its decent, perhaps the first part of the bossfight is a bit boring and there is definitely a problem with the leeching mentality, but the status effects and the sick water make it a lot more entertaining than Labs or abbysses.

On the other hand I don’t enjoy the game anymore so technically the answer would be dislike.


The fact that its the only dungeon that provides power pizza all year long, single-handedly makes me like it.

On top of that, clearing it gives proper fame, the UTs are good (especially void blade), it also drops an exclusive skin and drops 2 pieces of an ST set.

When def potions are highly demanded you can make decent wealth by farming the dungeon and selling the pots at higher prices to those who dont want to farm the sewers, because they hate it, or any other sources of def pots, because its unreliable. Or maybe they just dont have time and want to farm the content that just came out.

The dungeon can be summed up in one sentence: ‘‘Prosperity comes to those who can get their hands dirty’’
just remember to wash your hands after


It’s nice to have a dungeon that not many seem eager to rush in. Rushing can be exhilarating on occasion, but I’d much rather have fun clearing a dungeon. And problematically, most dungeons are rushed by one or more people, thereby forcing me to teleport unless I want to clear a dungeon for no reward. The sewers dissuades many from moving too quickly.

(Also, I didn’t realize that I was somewhat lucky with this dungeon; I’ve found 8 Trooms without even looking for them, and everyone I’ve asked or randomly announced in a sewers said they’ve never even seen one looking every chance they get. Any of you struggle to find any? Or is it that people are just getting unlucky/not looking hard enough?)


I only remember finding two trooms in sewers.


I have never found a sew troom in 3 years


I really enjoy the bossfight. My issue is clearing the dungeon. The minions are wayyy too strong for a mid level dungeon. I feel bad for new players who have to clear it out, I don’t bother with sewers unless I can rush it


No, the enemies reek of Abyss enemies, it’s too hard to rush for its’ tier and the boss shifts from really easy to suddenly really hard to dodge (the omnidirectional rapidfire attack) on a dime. The enemies are pretty annoying and the boss is too easy on average too.


It’s cool for me just because it has nice whites, and the layout is fun and interesting to fight in.


Dude here I was thinking nobody else noticed that some of the sew enemies are basically just resprited abby enemies hahaha. Some of them even have similar movement patterns.


Same, I’ve only found about 2 or 3 myself. Reminds me of the days when abby t-room was just as rare.


Dude yesssss, I forgot that pizza drops. I haven’t gotten one in a WHILE though lol.


When you solo the boss and don’t have sufficient DPS, the stacked red bombs are really a cheap shot :c


24 turtle incarnations have I slain. And no mercy from me was shown in any of those alternate timelines.


Yeah, not only Trooms are a rare find (so good when you do find one though) but the pizza is not guaranteed to drop at all. So you might get no pizza, or 1 pizza and a void blade or 2-3 pizzas. Found out the hard way.


Sewers feels too generic.

DS%20Bat is image but weaker
image image is image but weaker (quiet and slowed respectively)
image is image image but more dangerous
image is image image but much more dangerous (and an activation range)
image is image but more dangerous (and a confuse bomb)

DS%20Gulpord%20the%20Slime%20God spams bullets that are so annoying to dodge that you’re better off standing still.

Sewers is more interactive than the abyss and udl to an extent but otherwise feels just as bland as those two.


Ikr lol like I’ve had about 6 voids in all my years, but like literally 3 pizza.


Got 11 plagues, no vblades big sad. Good dung and ez to rush tho