Do you think the new DDocks would work better as a new dungeon?


Thread title says it all.

  • Yes, reworked DDocks should have been a new dungeon
  • No, old DDocks should have been replaced

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Guild member mentioned how they liked the old version as well, thus I got the idea to make a poll on here along with sharing my thoughts.

I’m bringing this up because I love the reworked dungeons, but I think replacing every older dungeon with a new one might not be the best course of action. The newer DDocks could have also been made into a completely new dungeon with the older version having a few tweaks, like nicer looking tiles, maybe some slightly different dungeon generation and a more interactive boss fight rather than “wait for stun, paralyze, and then shoot at stationary boss”, perhaps by having expanded the arena and giving him immunity to status effects during certain phases, with prettier bullet patterns.

If you have any other ways this could have been implemented feel free to state your ideas below.


Old DDocks was an embarrassment of game design. It can’t properly exist in Realm if we want to have actual standards for dungeons.


The strategy for fighting the enemies was literally circling them in hordes with next to no chance of dying, the Troom (though admittedly better to have than not have) was simple in design, and the eye wall was unforgiving to tiny groups of people. The dungeon itself was very boring, much like the old Pirate Cave.

I’m of the opinion that if this game is going to evolve out of the old ways, it might as well not be half baked and encapsulate everything. I think the only dungeon that I would have been on with being “tweaked” as opposed to “reworked” would have been the LoD, not to say that I hate the new design, by any means.


Are you saying this didn’t engage you?


Yeah, when you put it that way I guess you’re right. It’s just weird to think that some players will never see the previous iterations of some of these dungeons.


If it makes you feel any better, some will never see the new versions either like myself


With all due respect, the old Ddocks was just terrible due to the massive DPS check you had to pass in order to even reach the boss. If you were the only one who wanted to do the dungeon and no one else came, you’d be screwed unless you brought a few specific exceptions (eg. wizards, warriors, archers with the right gear setup and maybe dmg buff consumables). Even without the DPS check, the dungeon was just boring and felt like a copy-paste of the old abyss of demons, but harder.

That being said, I kind of get where you’re coming from? The new Ddocks straight up feels like an entirely new dungeon and I’d have kind of liked it more if it dropped different UTs, or the same UTs but they’re the new buffed version of the current UTs (kind of what they did with some old STs in the past). Cuz I’ll be honest: Wlab, Cdepths and now Ddocks, they’re straight up harder than their old versions, so their loot should also be buffed, even if slightly, and if we wanted to make it fair to those who never grinded the old versions for their loot, we just make those as a legacy and the new ones become the current ones. But that’s my take…


The old DDocks was popular but that was as it was so easy. The main dungeon was trivial for any maxed char, the more people the faster it went. The boss was straightforward for any decent sized group, but the DPS wall before it, and the DPS needed to break the Crystal, meant there was almost always enough people; with any large group the boss too was trivial.

By almost any metric it’s improved. Much much more variety in the main dungeon, a troom that you need to clear of enemies, a secondary wandering boss that is unlike anything else, and a final boss which is more of a challenge as it should be, but also that scales better so even a small group isn’t swamped.

The greatest change is perhaps the best: the design. Personally I think it’s the best looking of all the ‘Reconstruction’ dungeons, with numerous touches and details that make it fun to explore. And it’s not just aesthetic as many of the additions also have gameplay functions – cannons, barrels, penguin cannoneers – while larger and varied rooms make for more varied ways to tackle them (and a choice where to take on the Crab).


While the troom was a bit lazy, I really enjoyed it. Plus the concept of a dps requirement for getting to the boss was interesting, and a fitting follow-up to the crystal prisoner. But our boy Jon deserved better and he got it. I wouldn’t mind a new dungeon (w/new enemies and drops) from the prisoner that had these two aspects of the old Ddocks included, but this replacement was warrented if not necessary :slight_smile: .


I mean, the old troom was even lazier, just a longer shatters lava maze, so I’ll take any improvements. And while dps checks are intresting in theory, they present a problem of hard locking content behind progression, which isnt really anywhere else i the game, except maybe WC and O3, but even those can be done regardless of progression (even if tough as nails).