Do You _____?


I don’t really consider myself above average. I don’t really go above and beyond with my gear or fame.

Do you wish you can stop playing rotmg?


What if I already have?

Do you eat McDonalds every day?



do u play stick fight: the game?



do you play minecrap?


Only when extremely bored and have absolutely nothing else to do.

Do you actively play RotMG?



Do you (or did you) realm on steam, browser, or flash?


yes. its the only way to realm.

do you want to eat duck or want to try duck?


no and yes.
btw my question was which one do you play on but i see how you read it.

Do you regularly make your own meals?


Barely ever, actually.

Do you think 50 euro is a lot?



Do you know what 52 factorial is?


Yes, I do- rounded to 3 sf it is roughly 8.07 x 10^67.

Do you think the school system in America should be changed?



do you think trump is a bisexual female?



Do you like log cabins more than brick houses?


Depends where it is.

Do YOU eat PINEapple Pie? (never heard of it)


Me neither.

Do you use the dark theme or white theme?


Dark theme

Do you have a favorite Pokemon generation?


Gen 1

Do you have a certain food that you would really like to try (that you haven’t already)?



Honestly I think puffer fish could be really interesting, I heard the meat is really sweet.

Do you have a pet?



Yes! A demonic cat that invades every room asking for food starting at 15:00!

Do you participate in Forum Games toooo much, in your own opinion?


Nah. AKL does though!

Do you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere?