Doaist (ninja)



Daoist Daoist front stand 16
Set for Ninja

Equipment Stat Bonus: + 250 hp, +18 att, + 10 def, + 5 spd, - 15 vit, + 5 wis
Set bonus: + 130 hp, + 7 att, + 5 def
Total Set Stats: + 380 hp, + 25 att, + 15 def, + 5 spd, - 10 vit, + 5 wis
Maxed total stats: 1100hp, 252mp, 95 att, 40 def, 65 spd, 25 vit, 75 wis

Decimating Dao Technique

Decimating Saber Technique
An equally profound and devastating set of techniques for the saber, said to be able to harm even true gods when held in the right hands. The downside is, however, that mortals have to spend some of their blood essences with every slash.

  • Damage: 300-400 (Average: 350)
  • Range: 5.0
  • Rate of Fire: 40%
  • (no multi-hit)
  • Stat Bonus: + 5 att, - 9 vit, + 3 wis
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 1000

Flitting Sword Art

Flitting Sword Art
A sword art of the flying sword arts that requires the user to control and manipulate sword as insane velocities and untraceable angles to let it re-appear inside of your enemies. It is as pretty as it is deadly. (charm +10)

  • While Key Held:
    MP Cost: 5 MP/sec
    Effect: Speedy on self
  • When Key Released:
  • MP Cost: 200
  • Damage: 950-1050 (Average: 1000) (5 dmg/MP)
  • Projectile Speed: 50
  • Range: 10
  • Stat Bonus: +5 spd, +2 wis
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 1000

Heavenly Monarch’s Garments

Heavenly Monarchs Garments
A gift for the genius sovereign who took his steps into the divine realms whilst only have been living for a few odd centuries. This garment while flowing as water and feeling as silk still protect the wearer from unexpected attacks. And you look fashionable to boot.

  • Stat Bonus: + 100 hp, + 5 att, + 10 def, + 2 vit, + 2 wis
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 1000

Celestial Cultivation Path Manual

Celestial Cultivation Path
A manual for a cultivation path that shines in power and endurance, but comes with the cost of damaging the life essence.

  • Stat Bonus: + 150 hp, + 8 att, - 8 vit
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 1000


When making this ‘the’ interspacial ring also came up into my mind, but wasnt suited as an equipment item. As a ring i had no clue what stats it could/should get. It, however, perfectly fits a backpack reskin. Since i made a backpack i thought i shoud also make a character slot, which i named the Samsara, with a reincarnation mindset.
Interspacial Ring (backpack) and The Samsara (char slot)


katana: add wavy shot, otherwise its good.
shruken: better doom circle(or worse)
armor: Too much hp, maybe 80?
Ring: It fine or too much hp idk maybe 135


dont want to be rude but the 16x16 sprite looks like a bulky man in a dress


Well I love the art and we need a ninja ST, but from skimming the specs I think this could be very OP. Too much hp and att on the hide and overall, too little speedy cost on the star; haven’t calculated the dps however.

Re: the speedy: at the normal 10mp/sec you can already perma speedy with a ~75 mheal pet.

Re: star + hide: I think I’d stick with my dcircle+leaf, which has -50 hp, -5 att, +3 def, + 1 spd, +1 vit, -1 wis, +5 range, 100 dmg, - 100 mp cost.

Also not clear on the concept: why should a “doaist” be perm-speedy, high-hp, low-def, low-vit, low-rof?

Also I think you miscalcuated the max total vit: 40 - 9 + 2 - 8 = 25.


Ye, ill change the hp on the armor.
135 hp sound weird tho, i guess 140 could work and might be better.


That is basically how i should look, so i did a good job?
From my understanding instead of leather the ‘armor’ is more like a robe (but otherwise would fit a melee class more)


Since i sorta meant the ability to also function as a flying sword the perma-speedy makes sense to me. The damage is a little higher than doom circle, but the cost mainly comes from the speed and the reduced cost of the speedy (50 projectile speed is insane, hence the name).

As my understanding goes; daoists dont really wear armor (just ‘refined’ robes) but have enchanted lifeblood and thus more endurance/toughness/vitality, hence the hp buff.
The low vit and rof come just from the items themselves; since the ring and sword are harmful to your health i made them vit reducing, and since the saber is this powerful it makes sense to not be able to swing it that fast. Also balancing; as i went for a god-cutting blade the dmg/shot should be high, then, to keep it balanced, the rof should be lowered (otherwise you’ll out-damage buffed warriors)
(The daoist i have in mind leans more towards the fictional side, the ones you’ll find in wuxia novels)

(and yes i miscalculated the vit xd)


Nerfing vit doesn’t even count as a nerf, so I’d say you need to rebalance this around a different gimmick.


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