Does anyone have the old wildshadow spritesheets?


Does anyone have the old wildshadow spritesheets, especially full old armors? NOT the ones in the current xml. old code i could decompile or something would work too


Here is the spritesheet from the contest that made realm hope that helpsnow if only I can get a badge out of this…


So cool! I never knew the flying brain used to be white!


unfortunately, that’s not what i was looking for. thanks though!


There are still a few old sprites spread throughout static drips, specifically the lofiObj.png sheets.
I’m not sure if you’ll find them there, but who knows, worth a try, right? >u<


The oldest spritesheets folder on there is at:
It’s from 13-Aug-2014 18:20 so this is a couple of years into Kabam time.

Were the assets somewhere else public before this? I don’t recall how things used to work.
I don’t even understand who owns/updates that static.drips.


The Japanese RotMG wiki has an archive of old pictures including many of the old sprites. However it is unsorted and may take some time to find stuff:

Hope this is what you’re looking for~


You can try your luck browsing the original Wiki on using the WayBack Machine. But those are sprites, not sprite sheets.

I know of a surefire way to get the old sprite sheets, but that requires an old client. If you can acquire a Wild Shadow era realm client, I can extract the sprite sheets from it, (or you can too, I am unaware of your technical skill).


this is the closest thing to what i was looking for. thanks for the resource, i’ll see what I can find!


unfortunately I can’t find any wildshadow clients :frowning: thanks though!


Maybe you can find an ancient version of an unoffical client on a certain site.


Ah, yes, that certain site.

These are all the assets from a late 2012 client. While technically Kabam era, the assets should be from the Wild Shadow era, as Kabam was just getting settled in. Let me know if you require something else.


this had some of what I was looking for, thank you!!! unfortunately, it’s not old enough to have all the old armors, but it was quite interesting anyway


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