Does anyone know how gods spawn?


What got me to ponder this question is when I saw a group of medusas (close to 10) stuck in a tile of puddle near the Cyclops towers. I doubt RNG made that happen, because this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. Is there like a formula or something on how gods spawn and which gods will spawn and where they will spawn?


RNG :grinning:

How I’m pretty sure it works is for each area there’s a fixed number of enemies. Kill one and another one spawns. I.e. the game keeps the number of gods (and highland enemies, and midland enemies, …) the same.

It generates them randomly in any area where there are no players. This means if you move around godlands exploring all areas they generally stay spread out, popping up behind you, between players.

But if players stay in one part of godlands the gods can build up in areas they don’t visit. The longer this goes on the more they build up, leading to godwalls. Or occasionally they spawn in a point where they can’t move, so they randomly build up on that spot over time until discovered.

You can see far more than ten like this. They’re impossible to count but I would guess I’ve seen 50 or more gods in one spot on occasion.


no, but i mean they were ALL medusas on one single tile
and it happens frequently
for example, multiple medusas spawning on one of the puddles in the above pic

remember the fame train exploit where people used to pause at certain spots of godlands to get more gods to spawn? i didn’t entirely understand how that worked from how it was explained to me, but that is what added to me wondering what/where/how gods spawn


I know what you meant. They normally appear at spots in godlands – the grey and white areas and then disperse. They can appear at any spot where there are no players.

But if a Cyclops castle is on the edge of godlands it can overlap where they spawn. And so they can spawn in the castle, or around its edge. And rarely that will mean spawning on a square that they can’t move away from. Then as more spawn (as no-one visits that area to kill them) they accumulate in the same spot.

re fame trains: they used to use bots to block off certain areas, to prevent gods spawning there. This would limit the gods to a smaller area making them denser, as well as being an area which the fame train could visit all of it in a loop.

With there only being a limited number of maps they could work out in advance where to put the bots, possibly script them to go there. They might also have done it only on some maps, e.g. non-split godlands.

Split godlands, where there are two or more areas of gods, are most likely to cause buildups of gods as many players don’t know how to find them, or can’t be bothered due to the time it would take.


The knowledge is slowly dying out as fame trains are no longer a thing but, gods have specific spawners

Learned it 4 years ago :slight_smile: the spawners have static locations. tho i suppose the spawner’s location is random but there’s no way to prove or disprove that.


Yep. Not just gods but seemingly all spawning things. E.g. Candylands there’s 1 or more such point per room; if you’re a Rogue you can cloak and see things spawning and respawning in the same place.

In Realm it’s most obvious when something static spawns. A Drake Egg at the exact same place a Beer God spawned for example. A Totalia on top of a Crystal, or two Totalias on top of each other. And of couse a Skull Shrine on top of an Avatar, whether at the same time or one after the other. Gods normally drift off the spot immediately – unless they can’t as there’s a moat in the way.


:+1:gotcha thanks


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