Does ROTMG accept non-Latin script in chat?


Basically, Roman/Latin Script looks like this:


I could not type Japanese characters, Chinese characters, and Russian characters(Cyrillic alphabet); In other words, I could not type non-Latin script in ROTMG.

Those with the weird markings don’t register in chat.

Have any of you had success with such non-Latin alphabet characters?

Note: I think Turkish, Polish, and Vietnamese have Latin script, but with weird dots and style above/below the letters.

TIL: Also, those weird markings above/below/in/out of the letters are called diacritical marks


I think I remember that on either testing or one of the times they were trying the chat server split on prod, it became possible to type non-Latin characters. I don’t know if I’m remembering wrong though, it has been a while.


I can’t type chinese :v


It also depends on what kind of chat you’re using, for example µ is forbidden in public chat but works in pms (and also gchat I think).


You can write non-Latin text in chat but it gets rejected as soon as you try and send it. I posted an example of this here:

and there is some discussion in that thread. As I noted then it’s something they should fix for Unity, there is no excuse for it in a game played in so many countries.


I think that at least, people should be able to type non-Latin characters into the chat. I think it would be reasonable to restrict account names to only using A-Z letters (as it already is, though I’ve seen a few strange exceptions recently) for moderation/support purposes.

Of course, this introduces some more spam potential because omg non-standard font can do so many things with it, but really it only exacerbates an existing problem (misuse/abuse of the chat) that Deca needs to deal with in a better way.


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