Does skuld set still drop?


Does the skull set still drop from ghost of skuld? Haven’t seen anyone get an etherise or something in a very long time.


I would assume so, but as it’s apparently extremely rare for this to occur, i cannot give a definite answer.


Yeah, I think it does… I saw someone get a mantle from him like a day ago. Maybe the items are extremely rare.


Alright, thanks!


It does, and there regularly are people who post their ST loot in cem on Reddit


Yes it does


Yep ( first one to reply 4 sure )


Yes, I know for sure because I got a Ghastly Drape from the 3rd boss on a lv 12 warrior wearing a glass sword :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, the set still drops. I know this because I just got the Mantle of Skuld yesterday on my ninja ppe.