Don't know where my $20 of realm gold went

  • Windows 10
  • Flash projector 23
  • Chrome

Okay so I bought $20 of realm gold, went in and out of my vault to check, reloaded the game, logged in logged out, etc. still don’t have it.

My chrome doesn’t save password/account info whatsoever for some reason and this has always been a problem for a while. On the buying gold page at the top right under payment accounts it said I was logged in, idk what to do!


It may take a while to appear on your account depending on your preferred pay method.


I used my debit card, shouldn’t take this long, but I’ll wait update this tomorrow


Check your bank account has the purchased cleared yet?


If the answer is yes to what Taun said, you can send Deca a support ticket. But maybe give it a day or so for it to appear.


Check you bank account, did Xsolla take out $20?
I usually get mine within 2-3 minutes at most; however years ago under Kabam there was one case where it took a few hours.


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