Double wine cellar


Double wine cellar at Oryx. Not much more to say. 2 different wine cellar portals actually opened, though i don’t have the screenshot.

Double Wine Cellar Opening
State in chat that you are going to use an inc

Two people unlocked it at the same time making the text pop up twice


But 2 wine cellar portals opened. Almost whole realm went into WC1, while i with 2 other players went in WC2.


Now that is not something you see everyday.


I thought this was gonna be about a double o2 event. Clickbait wins yet again.


That shouldn’t be possible if there is only 1 locked wine cellar portal :thinking:


Also, I can’t really determine if you’re serious or not because u don’t have a pic of the actual portal

Edit: noticed that the firsts thing oryx said was that he has 85k hp. You’re not kidding lmao


It’s all legit.


Yeah I noticed, that’s weird asf


Well it’s not supposed to be possible, as most bugs aren’t. I doubt an Inc actually “unlocks” the portal anyways, it seems more like it replaces the portal and a little bit of lag and good timing could make 2 portals appear before the locked one disappears.


If I remember correctly there’s a video where someone opens 8 incs with a hotkey which results in 8 cellars



It’s been a thing for a long time.
Kinda somewhat of a feature as much as bug, at least better than the 2nd popper’s inc being complete wasted.


I’ve seen this happen twice in one day before. A lot of people get really excited to open WC and this happens.


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I just ran a Oryx and the Wine Cellar was opened by showed up twice in the chat. There were 60 people at O1, but there were only 6 at O2 so there must have been two WCs and I went into the wrong one, but there were 2 WCs. Old thread closed but this is still happening


Huh, and none of you nexused?


I nexused. The thing is this is a known issue, and only 10% of the original group went in WC, so there were two


No, I was asking if the “6 ppl in WC” figure was taken immediately after entering the WC (To eliminate the highly unlikely possibility that 54 ppl DC’ed/nexused)