Double wine cellar


Six people in WC was taken at Oryx 2 himself.


I see

Doesn’t seem like 54 ppl DC’ed or nexused so something is definitely sus


This has happened to me before, two seperate WCs being opened at the same time, splitting the group into 2.


This happened once about a week ago while I was there. In some ways no big deal as Oryx Deux’s HP scales, so the battle is not much harder with 6 vs. 60. But whatever DECA did to fix this is not working 100% of the time.


This happens when another inc is used before the game has progressed the useage of the first one.
You can open even more wcs that way, which was quite useful at the pumpkin event.


I don’t believe Deca has ever said that they’ve tried to do anything about this.

:smiley: Oryx Deux is the Battle Nexus one. Who ironically doesn’t HP-scale. :smiley:
Edit: or maybe he does :thinking: but just not as much. He certainly dies superfast.