Dragging Nest Bees


I’ve been clearing a lot of nests on the hunt for a bee quiver. I observed that each beehemoth was different in aggressiveness (blue being most aggressive and chasing players a lot harder than the others)
So, while fighting the blue one I ended up kiting it… rather far. This was after the first one had went down, there was just blue and red left, and blue was the one that was killed next.
After blue was killed, THIS happened:

The Red Beehemoth just sat in place for awhile (I’m assuming it was doing the nest eating thing it normally does before rage)
However, I’ve dragged them a bit far back before (never this far) but normally when that happens the last bee will still return to the nest.
For reference:

Yeah… I dragged it pretty far. My bigger concern is that you could possible drag it all the way to the shore and start massacring players.
Also this quote:
“Why is there a bee here” xD

I’ll try to replicate this glitch/bug and maybe document it more closely.; if anyone else wants to try it out just kill either red or yellow first, and then let blue start pushing you. I’ve found it to be the most aggressive of the three.


This is a bug. You should only be able to drag them not too far from the edge of the yellow tiles. @Mrunibro


You can only replicate this glitch if the first bee killed is yellow. You can drag red and blue as far as you want once one is raging. I’ve done it multiple times, easy kill at beach cuz no obstacles blocking


I don’t suppose afk players are counted as obstacles?


I play in ASE, the only AFK players are bots x)


aight that’s actually scary… hopefully this doesn’t go too out of hand before DECA needs to do a full release lmao. Thanks for doing that though (I had tests today so I couldn’t try it again first thing)


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