Drake themed items


###Green Dragon Scepter


In-game description of the item goes here


  • Tier: UT

  • MP Cost: 80

  • Damage: random from 1-2500

  • Cooldown: 0.5

  • Effect: Inflicts slow on nearby targets, cannot aim

  • Stat Bonus: +3 VIT, +3 WIS, + 5 SPD - 2 DEF

  • Fame Bonus: 4%

  • Feed Power: 900

Drops From:

  • Horned Drake Baby
  • Greater Nature Sprite

yu do dis

I’m a bit when it comes to realmeye forums, but I’m trying to share some ideas. I noticed that many people hate clearing realms, and my proposed idea would be to make it more rewarding to complete quests. Such quests like ent ancients and ghost kings are rewarding already, but I just wanted to share some ideas I had in mind for fun. I hope you give me some honest feedback unless it’s about shading, because i’m well aware of how bad I am at shading


I will try my best to add more content here, but please be patient, as I have many tests this week.


Thats what I like about this game



hey I would have gotten laughed at either way keep in mind I’m a joke to begin with


dang i thought i had a fun sprite at least D: ima go back into hiding cya in 2 yrs


your not a joke, your a great person c:


i spent a good 30 mins during class making more items shud i trash them cuz no1 likes this one lol


k il wait on that ig cuz i have a test in 5 mins and another in 95 mins


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