Dreamless - Just saying hi


Hey, it’s me again.

I’m just dropping by for a second to reminisce on things, since, well… I don’t need to make it clear how I feel about DECA anymore. It kind of hurt to see how much smaller the Ideas section feels, especially the Classes section. That was always my favorite section, though with how many times I posted about Shogun that shouldn’t really be a surprise…

Just figured I’d tell you guys who care, I’m still doing stuff for Shogun. In fact, it’s better than ever. However, making change logs for it since the very first iteration is an absolute pain, because holy shit I’ve come a long way since…

April 2018???

Yeah, Shogun is 4 years old. And it has stayed fresh for me; I’ve given it a lot more skins and love since then! If you want to check the current progress or watch me suffer in writing change logs, you can check it here.

Or you can just look at the updated sprites here!



Crystal's%20Purity%20Animated Cupid's%20Manifest%20Animated Crazed%20Scientist's%20Generator%20Animated Consolation%20of%20Oryx%20Animated Fallen%20Banner%20Animated Golden%20Slime%20Animated Guardian's%20Blessing%20Red%20Animated Guardian's%20Blessing%20Blue%20Animated Last%20Wish%20Spirit%20Animated Last%20Wish%20Totem%20Animated Muddy%20Slime%20Animated Shogun%20Slime%20Animated Slime%20Lord's%20Call%20Animated Starfury%20Animated Titan's%20Wrath%20Animated Warlord's%20Legacy%20Animated Witch's%20Dominion%20Animated

Old Versions here! Some things aren't as old as others though.


Consolation%20of%20Oryx%20Animated Crazed%20Scientist's%20Generator%20Animated Crystal's%20Purity%20Animated%20(Old) Golden%20Slime%20Animated Fallen%20Banner%20(Old) Guardian's%20Blessing%20Blue%20Animated Cupid's%20Manifest%20Animated%20(Old) Guardian's%20Blessing%20Red%20Animated Muddy%20Slime%20Animated Shogun%20Slime%20Animated Slime%20Lord's%20Call%20Animated%20(Old) Last%20Wish%20Totem%20Animated%20(Old) Starfury%20Animated%20(Old) Crest%20of%20the%20Titan%20Animated Memento%20of%20the%20Warlord%20Animated Witch's%20Dominion%20Animated


Small edit, updated most of the skins (twice now). And hey, look, Samurai Jack.


I love seeing this around again. I too miss seeing more ideas floating around here… well, conversation on the forums in general.


I’d be around more, but I’ve generally sectioned myself away from Realm as a whole, excluding [TOS break]. I just don’t get the same feeling as I did before, especially with newer things that are being added that just go against the original vibe of the game more and more.

And I mean, sure, games evolve, but there’s so much that needs to catch up still that it feels wrong. Especially all the classes before Summoner, eugh.

I really hope that the people working on the game’s content can get to these things sooner than later. I don’t want to feel gross for playing a game I used to spend most of my day playing.


Yeah. I don’t foresee it improving much in regards to older content, at least for a good while yet at best. It feels like a lot of them are either plowing ahead with new content, or patching stuff they realize was a bad idea with former newish content. It’s not a blanket statement, but I could go on again about my observations on numerous short-term mindedness.


It honestly just feels like they don’t have much in mind for the long term, and just want to get newer stuff out for the sake of keeping players with the spectacle of “wow, new!”. Which really sucks for the players.

And if that isn’t what they’re aiming for, they haven’t made that very clear…


Get new stuff out? What about the shatters rework? What about the assassin rework? Void is also highly likely to be reworked as well and the list goes on. I completely disagree to be honest I feel deca isn’t adding enough new content and is recycling old content too much.


Notice the trend for reworks: endgame. The early game players have basically nothing, and older players have been leaving more and more; the current reworks don’t offer enough variety or even fun. My personal opinion on the new Shatters is excluded.

Also, it took… how long to reach reworking base classes, especially ones that have gotten almost no changes since release like Assassin? It is way, way overdue, and there’s some that need it even more like Sorcerer.

If you don’t have interesting things for newer players to start in, you won’t retain new players. If your early content is dull while the only interesting content comes from endgame, you won’t retain new players. Balancing your priorities is something that all games need to take very seriously, and based on my experience and a general opinion I’ve heard from a lot of people I’ve been around, DECA isn’t taking it seriously.

This isn’t meant to be some vitriolic thing, either; I know that it’s difficult to do this shit because I’ve been doing it for years. However, I am a single person who does it in their spare time and I put lots of time and thought into the things I do; DECA hires an entire team to do this.


I mean, having read the dev notes as they released them, there’s certainly ideas some of them have. For crying out loud, one of them wanted to include fishing into the game xD
Not all of the devs seemed as enthusiastic, but regardless of if they were hyped or not, I imagine that their bosses ultimately have a say in the kind of projects they work on. I’ve heard whispers of some undercover content they might be working on currently, but for now I do agree on that much of the work revolves around endgame, incorporating aesthetics (which isn’t even done by them oftentimes), and behind the scenes patchwork, which seldom seems to fix anything for long. I try to appreciate what they do, but it gets hard, sometimes. Endgame gets conquered too quickly, and everything else that’s been released feels shallow


It really sucks when the higher ups basically have an iron grip over people with genuine creativity, in any setting.

That being said, fishing sounds like something that’d be great for taking a break from the core gameplay loop without needing to just exit the game.


You’re acting like every single class needs a rework and that assassin desperately needed a rework to even become useable. Sorcerer doesn’t need a rework to stats, sorcerer just needs a better ability as, until late game, the gap between sorcerer and summoner isn’t as large as you may think. Deca also added tiered bow improvements and an overall buff to bow classes.
The early game of rotmg is shit. Literally anyone whos played any part of the early game will know that and you’ll be trapped in the early game unless someone in the late game helps you out. However, how is deca going to make it any less of a chore? The reason the early game is so bad is because it’s way too much of a grind for someone who’s never played the game to get to level 20 and then max a character but if you change how easy it is to max a character it will affect the late game far too much. If you provide candies for the first new players thats unfair to the endgame players. Even if you get a level 20 character and max all its stats you have the inevitable death coming. Why do you think RWTs are so popular?
All of this has nothing to do with how engaging the early game is as to be realistic, the early game has way more variety than the late game overall.
The only way they can change the early game for the better is if they rework the realm itself, as currently, there is no point in going into the realm other than to do o3.


They do, in terms of the direction DECA is headed, actually. Their simplicity before worked in their favor for the times, but now that DECA is headed in this direction without any sign of turning back, there’s no justification for just how plain all of the classes are, especially when comparing it to what they’ve been doing with UTs. Consistency with game design is nothing but a net positive, and it’s also my biggest issue with DECA as a whole, but I digress.

My only mention of Summoner was how the abilities before Summoner are all bland, I never compared stats or viability. But I’ll humor you.

The gap doesn’t matter if Sorcerer is inherently not fun to play while Summoner can be. With Summoner, it can do a lot and does a lot of the same things that Sorcerer does but a lot more versatile and genuinely much more interesting. With Sorcerer… you just press spacebar repeatedly. No need for spacing, no need for aiming really either. At least with Wizard and Warrior/Paladin, you have to adjust your cursor position or your own position; Sorcerer is just… extremely plain, and even if it wasn’t it’s really poor damage anyways.

I don’t like the implemented changes to bows, if I’m being honest; removes part of their character. They could’ve easily just made them all 2 shots and higher damage, with a tighter arc gap, and that would’ve made them better still.

“But Coral Bow!” I hear you say. Well, Coral Bow has needed a change for ages.

The earlygame being more drawn out isn’t the issue, it’s making the content in the earlygame actually interesting to play. Even with all of the reworks that were done, it didn’t tackle any of the issues; despite how many dungeons there are, the dungeons aren’t interesting and don’t offer much actually different gameplay.

Sprite World is ideal, though. I actually really like the rework in that dungeon, only one I have zero issues with.

Refer to above.

This is what they should’ve done first, before some of the dungeons, at least if you ask me. I would love a Realm rework more than any dungeon rework.


No they don’t? Name a class that needs a rework and why instead of just saying every class made before summoner needs a rework.

Thats subjective so you can’t bring that into the argument. Some people find summoner way less enjoyable than sorceror

Again thats you’re opinion and you’re just one person. The majority of people including myself like the bow rework. You’re clearly a bad judge of character as I’m here to have an open discussion not nit pick with things like coral bow.

Again thats literally subjective and you’re overall out numbered by the amount of people that do enjoy said content.

Instead of purely saying your opinion, you should state actual evidence or at least give reasons for your opinions other than either bullshit or just nothing at all.


I would normally mention specifically just how much time and work I have in a design field and know what the hell I am talking about, but this is vitriolic.

I am no longer interested in humoring this behavior, as it is not why I came back to the forums or made this post. Please leave the thread.


You can’t just criticise or make an argument and then play a victim card when you don’t want to accept responsibility. I am very sorry if I hurt your feelings in any way but the only comment I made that ever unnecessarily criticised you to any degree was when I wrote that you were a bad judge of character. If that was what made you feel this way then I am very sorry. However, none of this changes the fact that everything you’ve said up until now has no physical proof and you’re only response when pressured is to just straight up ignore me?


Allow me to clarify what I meant with knowing what I’m talking about.

Removed all of the sprites here for the sake of theft protection. That, and I shouldn’t have lashed out like I did.


I don’t want to drag this on so can you just give me a straight answer. Being incredibly good at designing sprites doesn’t make you good at designing gameplay. I think you’re work is incredibly impressive and I really like it, but if you asked Ronaldo for his opinion on basketball you wouldn’t get a very credible opinion; the same thing applies here


The sprite thing was rash, admittedly. Not having the greatest time right now from multiple directions. So, instead, I’ll link a lot of what I’ve worked on. Some are older than others, but ultimately are by me unless credited.

Shogun - Class
Barbarian - Class
Alchemist - Class
Daimyo - Class
Skill Tree - Miscellaneous
Shatters 2.0 - Dungeon WIP redesign based more heavily on the original Shatters, and with a design philosophy like Lost Halls 2.0
Abandoned Domain - Completed dungeon, though I intend on refurbishing it
Design Document for the place I work on - Lots of things, mostly showing the current state of items and other things; not intended for Prod

I am also still working on it, and do not have a document made for it, but I will put some progress here for the sake of showing what I mean.

Realm Rework


Most of the same enemies, of course. Though, there are some obvious additions, and there are changes.

Scorpion Queens will fire projectiles occasionally and AoEs every so often that slow people down. They only spawn underlings at 50% HP. Runs from players who are too close (~4 tiles).
Scorpion Underlings will fire projectiles occasionally as per usual, possessing more range than the Queen. They will also stick around the Queen, unless the Queen is running away, in which they will circle her.
Snake Hatchlings fire more often, but have weaker, slower moving shots. They inflict bleeding for a very short 0.6 seconds, and otherwise deal no damage.
Viper Hatchlings are now; they fire more slowly, but have two shots which deal small damage, and still inflict bleeding. Their shots are much faster.
Rose Cubes directly charges at players, and fires just under every second or so with moderate damage.
Magenta Cubes try to maintain distance, and fire higher damage shots at a much slower pace. Very fast projectiles, easy to catch up to.
Lime Cubes will idle in place but will always group up with others that are nearby. Their projectiles are between Rose and Magenta in terms of damage, and pierce.
Pirates charge at completely random players, firing relatively quickly with low damage.
Piratesses rarely replace Pirates, dealing double damage and being harder to kill for low damage classes. Better XP, always drops a Pirate Cave.
Bandit Leaders are moved to the beach directly. Fires at a moderate speed with decent damage towards the nearest player, but with low range, and throws AoEs that deal Drunk to the farthest player it can see. Stops attacking and flees at low HP, which causes its Bandits to attack faster. Spawns with 5 Bandits.
Bandits chase players that are within range of the Bandit Leader and attack at a similar speed with slightly less damage. Without a Bandit Leader, they will not attack and simply run away.
Chicken Gods simply wander in place, and spawns with 5 to 8 Chickens. However, every 5 seconds, it fires a zero damage projectile towards players in range that deals Armor Broken.
Chickens will circle a Chicken God, and not much else. However, if there is a player with Armor Broken in range, Chickens will instead chase that player, attacking relatively quickly with very low damage.

There are more new enemies here, obviously, and Goblins got a redesign in a way.

Hobbit Mages spawn with two Warriors and Archers. They will wander in place and still utilize their radial attack, but will also throw Confuse AoEs at the player with the most HP in range. Stops attacking and flees at low HP.
Undead Hobbit Mages no longer spawn naturally, and instead have a chance to spawn when a Hobbit Mage dies. Their AoE targeting is cut down to 4 Squares, and their attacks fly twice as fast, though they don’t attack faster. Spawns with two Undead Warriors and Archers.
Hobbit Warriors fires at the player closest to the Hobbit Mage and chases them slightly, dealing moderate damage at moderate speed.
Undead Hobbit Warriors possess higher damage, and only target players if the Undead Hobbit Mage is.
Hobbit Archers wander around the Hobbit Mage, and though they fire much slower, their damage is much higher.
Undead Hobbit Archers fire quicker, and only target whoever the Undead Hobbit Mage is.
Elf Elders retain their current movement patterns and attack patterns, but gains an additional AoE on itself that deals higher damage and reduces defense, fired every 4 seconds. Spawns with three of each Elf.
Elf Mages wander within a certain range of the Elf Elder. They fire two shots at the player nearest to the Elf Elder rather slowly, with relatively low damage, but high range.
Elf Archers circles the Elf Elder when it is not moving, and will follow behind it in a formation when it is moving. They fire at the nearest player to themselves in unison, dealing decent damage and piercing.
Elf Rogues chase players within range of the Elf Elder. They do lower damage, but fire rather quickly.
Goblin Commanders (Black Helm) spawn with two of each Goblin for a total of 12. It will stick behind other Goblins while they run after players for protection. Every few seconds, it will fire a projectile that deals no damage in the direction of the weakest player, which after disappearing will cause all other Goblins to charge in that direction and fire at the weakest player while gaining Speedy and attacking 0.4 seconds faster. When low on HP, the last player to hit the Goblin Commander will be targeted by all other Goblins while it runs away.
Goblin Infantry (Top Left) fire relatively weak projectiles every 1.4 seconds.
Goblin Warriors (Top Mid) fire slightly better projectiles than Goblin Infantry, though their projectiles move much slower. Same attack speed.
Goblin Archers (Top Right) deal the same damage and fire at the same speed as Goblin Infantry, but possess better range and pierce. Same attack speed.
Goblin Paladins (Bottom Left) deal lower damage than Goblin Infantry and have the same lower shot speed as Warriors, but will grant Damaging to all other Goblins in range while alive.
Goblin Knights (Bottom Mid) deal much higher damage and stun for 3 seconds, with very slow shot speed. Same attack speed.
Goblin Rangers (Bottom Right) deal more damage than Goblin Archers, with slower shot speed. Same attack speed.
Forest Spirits move as they currently do and fire the same projectiles, though they do not boomerang. However, they will release a Confuse and Hallucinating AoE if players get too close, with a cooldown of 10 seconds. If Fairies exist and there is no Fairy Tree, they will circle the Forest Spirit instead.
Fairies come in 6 colors similarly to cubes, and spawn with low HP. They do not fire quickly and do not have high damage, but fire in unison with armor piercing damage that also deals hallucinating. If their Fairy Tree is alive, they will circle it.
Desert Kings spawn with three Rangers and five Mages. They chase the player with the most HP nearby, firing two parallel projectiles at a time that deal decent damage. At low HP, they will stop attacking and flee.
Desert Rangers stay within 3 tiles of the Desert King, firing at a decent speed and dealing good damage with decent range.
Desert Mages wanders around up to 6 tiles away from the Desert King. They fire very quickly with low damage, armor piercing shots.
Sand Devils move the same as they do currently, though they do not possess their projectiles. Instead, they will throw AoEs at players that achieve the same effect, with a low throw speed.
Colossal Crabs act as they do currently. However, they will abandon all else and circle graves if they are close enough. No, I do not regret this.
Fairy Trees spawn with two of each fairy color. Every 10 seconds, it will throw an AoE on itself that heals nearby fairies to full HP and inflicts a long hallucinating to players. They are also a quest enemy.

This is where I have gotten up to in terms of designing what they are like, though I will be documenting everything else that I do in the future. It will likely be in its own thread in the Ideas section.

Orc Kings (Top) spawn with one of each Orc. It will not attack often but will still chase players to maintain a range of at least 8 squares. It fires one shot every so often that deals big damage, but moves slowly, and targets the farthest player. They are also a quest.
Orc Sorcerers (1,1) will run wildly. They fire moderately quickly at the player with the most HP for a moderate damage, armor piercing shot, and will fire less quickly at the weakest player with an AoE that deals Weak, though they move in the air slower.
Orc Priests (1,2) circle the Orc King. They will fire a small shotgun of decent damage shots every so often, and will heal all Orcs in range to full HP every 10 seconds.
Armored Orc Warriors (2,1) will follow the Orc Sorcerer. They fire at the nearest player at moderate speeds, dealing good damage.
Orc Warriors (2,2) will also follow the Orc Sorcerer. They have less defense and move faster, while also firing nearly twice as quick with less damage.
Armored Orc Hunters (3,1) will wander, but stay close to the Orc King. They fire slow moving shots that deal big damage towards the farthest player in range.
Orc Hunters (3,2) will also wander nearby the Orc King. They fire slightly faster, with weaker projectiles.
Armored Orc Knights (4,1) will circle the Armored Orc Hunter. They fire at the nearest player relatively slowly with decent damage, though it will stun players.
Orc Knights (4,2) will circle the Orc Hunter. They fire slightly faster than Armored Orc Knights, dealing a bit less damage and instead dazing the player, and for longer.
Armored Orc Infantry (5,1) will chase random players, firing decently quickly and dealing good damage. Weaker, but faster than other Orcs.
Orc Infantry (5,2) will also chase random players, firing even faster with less damage.
Wasp Queens (Top) will spawn with one of each Wasp, and will spawn a random one every so often to a maximum of 9. They will stick close to trees or cacti, depending on where they spawn. They will fire in unison with other Wasps, with their projectiles dealing decent damage, and will also fire an AoE at the player with the most HP that deals armor piercing damage and inflicts Sick. All Wasps circle the Queen.
Rose Wasps (1,1) deal decent damage with their attacks, possessing half shot speed of the Queen and dealing Armor Broken.
Orange Wasps (2,1) deal slightly less damage than Rose Wasps but have very high shot speed. Their projectiles also deal dazed for a short duration.
Dandelion Wasps (1,2) deal slightly more damage than all other Wasps but the Queen, with slightly higher shot speed. Their projectiles also pierce.
Lime Wasps (2,2) fire very fast projectiles that deal decent damage and inflict Slow.
Blue Rose Wasps (1,3) fire slightly slower projectiles that do not deal damage, but will instead drawin the player’s MP.
Magenta Wasps (2,3) fire very slow projectiles that deal good damage and armor pierce.
Bee Kings will spawn with one of each Bee and run around freely. All Bees attack in unison as well, though they fire slower. Bee Kings specifically will fire projectiles with decent damage and inflict Bleeding for half a second.
Red Bees train behind the Bee King. They fire stronger projectiles that do not deal any effect.
Blue Bees train behind the Red Bee if it is alive, otherwise training behind the Bee King. They have a middle damage between Bee Kings and Red Bees, but will also drain the player’s MP, less so than Blue Rose Wasps.
Yellow Bees train behind the Blue Bee if it is alive, otherwise following Blue’s hierarchy. Their shots deal around the same damage as Bee Kings, but will inflict a short Paralyze.
Sprayer Golems (1,1) will wander until a player comes within 5 squares. They will fire a ring of 12 projectiles every half second, dealing decent damage each.
Turret Golems (1,2) will wander until a player comes within 8 squares. They will fire very quickly with good damage projectiles, which move very quickly.
Sand Golems (2,1) spawns with a Sand Element. They wander until a player is within their large range, in which they will chase them. They fire slower, and deal less damage, but inflict Confused.
Sand Elements (2,2) cannot be slowed down or paralyzed and are invulnerable, circling the Sand Golem. They fire at the same speed as the Sand Golem but with an offset, dealing better damage with a higher shot speed but with no status effect. They die when the Sand Golem dies.
Ice Golems (3,1) spawns with an Ice Element and has the same behaviors as a Sand Golem. They fire decently quickly at the nearest player, dealing low armor piercing damage and slowing them.
Ice Elements (3,2) cannot be weakened, dazed or stunned and are invulnerable, and will circle the Ice Golem. They fire much more slowly than the Ice Golem but fire a shotgun of projectiles that deal good damage. They die with the Ice Golem.
Skull Golems (4,1) spawn with five Skull Elements, using the same behavior as other Golems. They will chase the nearest player and circle them once within 2 squares, however. Any players within range of them will gain weak, though they do not attack.
Skull Elements (4,2) circle the Skull Golem, having low HP and very negative defense. They all fire in random intervals at the nearest player, though quickly, possessing lower damage. They stop firing and don’t move if the Skull Golem dies.
Fire Golems (5,1) spawn with two Fire Elements, with the same behavior as other Golems. They stay within 4 squares of players, firing a tight spread of four quick shots at the nearest player at a lower attack speed which deal decent damage and inflict weak.
Fire Elements (5,2) are simply invulnerable and circle the Fire Golem. Their projectiles deal no damage but inflict Bleeding for a bit longer. Dies when the Fire Golem does.
Shadow Golem (6,1) spawns a Shadow Element every three seconds, up to four, and will only wander until a player is within eight tiles instead of twelve. They will go invisible - though their shadow will remain visible - and will appear when within 4 squares, giving darkness to any player too close.
Shadow Elements (6,2) are completely invincible and circle the Shadow Golem. They deal very low damage, but fire extremely quickly. Dies when the Shadow Golem dies.
Green Slime Golems (Top Green) spawns a Green Slime every four seconds, up to two, and run from players. They also have a small chance to drop an accompanying skin.
Green Slimes (Mid Green) will chase after players and fire rather slowly, dealing good damage with low range. Spawns two Green Slime Piles on death.
Green Slime Piles (Bottom Green) follow their Green Slime. They fire twice as fast, dealing less damage.
Golden Slimes Golems have a chance to replace Green Slime Golems, possessing much higher HP and triple XP. They have a higher chance to drop an accompanying skin. However, they have much less defense.
Golden Slimes and Golden Slime Piles act much the same as Golden Slime Golems to Green Slime Golems.
Werelions spawn with two of each Werecub. They will wander in place, firing at random players decently quickly with moderate damage piercing shots. When low on HP, they gain Speedy and chase players, firing twice as fast.
Yellow Werecubs chases the farthest player from the Werelion it can see. They fire decently fast with moderate damage projectiles that pierce.
Black Werecubs chase the weakest player nearby. They fire quickly, with a burst of three shots that deal low armor piercing damage, and low range.
Red Werecubs chase the strongest player nearby. They fire somewhat slowly, dealing good damage and inflicting Weak for a couple seconds.
Sand Spirits will wander in place for 10 seconds, before shrinking and running wildly for 10 seconds while healing itself. When in its normal form, it will fire similarly to a Colossal Crab, though with lower damage and much higher attack speed. If players are too far out of its range but in their sight, they will occasionally fire an AoE at them that deals good damage and confuses them.
Invasive Fire Sprites act much like Earth Sprites do currently, though they only appear in desert areas.
Invasive Earth Sprites still run wildly, but will fire decently fast with two shots that deal good damage.
Greater Earth Sprites are variations that are given exclusively to Ent Gods. They act the same, but will circle the Ent God and have pierce, as well as much higher stats.
The Swarm is separated into multiple fly types. There is only one Red Fly, while there are four Blue and Green ones, all of which swarm together. The Red Fly will stay invulnerable until the others are dead, and all will fire in a completely random direction all at once with decent damage projectiles.
Trap Blobs (Black) spawn with one Spray and Charger. They act similarly to how they do already, but with piercing projectiles and a quicker blink that is indicated by a complete white flash.
Spray Blobs (Pink) wander in place, firing both a spread of three shots that deal decent damage at a slower interval and firing a single shot that deals good damage at a faster interval towards the farthest or nearest player respectively.
Charger Blobs (Yellow) chase the nearest player, firing at a decent speed with two shots that deal moderate damage and inflict Sick.
Nomadic Shamans act as they do already, though they drop Forbidden Jungles.
Dune Spiders act as they do already, but gain an additional attack that is fired at the strongest player, dealing strong damage and blinding them. Drops Spider Dens guaranteed.
Forest Bats act like Dune Spiders, though their additional attack is unique. Their shots are fired at the nearest player, dealing less damage but silencing them for a much longer duration.
Shambling Sludges spawn Sludglets as they would normally, but every 12 seconds. Their attacks, however, are different. They will fire a spread of four shots at the nearest player that deal decent damage at a slowish speed, and will fire one higher damage projectile at the farthest player much more quickly.
Sludglets circle the Shambling Sludge. They fire at the nearest player when the Shambling Sludge does, though with only one shot that deals okay damage and slows for a short duration.
Horned Drakes act as they do currently, but their attack pattern is split in two. Their large attack remains the same, but they will also have a smaller attack that deals less damage but pierces.
Baby Drakes will hide behind the Horned Drake as closely as possible, and run away when the Horned Drake dies. Mostly the same.
Giant Lizards act the same as they already do, but with better stats.


If I’m being honest I don’t even know what we’re arguing for at this point so I’m just going to sit down and admire your work as honestly it’s incredible. I guess neither of us could be convinced either way but at least it ended well. Have a nice day :hearts::hearts:


The only reason I even get so emotional about this is because it’s really shaped a part of who I am. Hell, it gave me my biggest passion project that is Shogun and really got me into design in general. And though I don’t have the time for it, it’s even bringing me to try making my own game inspired by it.

It’s not this hatred of the game, just how it’s being handled. There’s so much that can be done for the game, especially by some of the people actually working on it, but it doesn’t feel like DECA sees it the same way, because it doesn’t seem like they know if they want to modernize itself or not. And I know there’s so much that can be done with the premise of each class if they truly did want to modernize them, so much that can be done to make even the earliest parts of the game stand out more beyond some references (though I do like them), so it stings that it’s not being done when they have people who care enough about the game to put in the effort.

Knowing the things I do, it really makes it hurt to see that the people who own the game don’t have that same passion for the most part. The game really means a lot to me, and I would be fine with the change that comes with time. But it’s stuck between both worlds when it really can’t.

Hell, if I were able to, I’d go hop on the team and really go ham on redesigning things whether they got added or not, even if I don’t agree with DECA themselves. I already do it in my own time anyways.

Sorry for the temper. Outside things, shouldn’t have let it weigh down here.

I’m also just gonna remove those sprites because I really don’t want people stealing them.