Drinking Potions From Vault Glitch


Just noticed this glitch today (might be after latest update), but when I drink potions directly from my vault, 2 potions disappear at once. Everything is fine, though, and the numbers are correct. Seems to be a visual glitch? I have to re-enter my vault to drink the correct amount of potions. Here is a link to my recorded vid:

Update: if my inventory is full, and I double click to drink the pots from my vault, it works fine. It only does the glitch when I shift click.

Update 1.6: - Realm of the Mad God Exalt
Storing items in both the vault and the potion thing made me lose them

Prolly a bug.


Deca moment. Also another deca moment: I can see wizard spells silhouettes even tho my projectiles turned off and all.


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