DuckyMomoz Knight UPE


I started to feel that RotMG was getting super boring. So I did an account reset, killed all my chars leaving only a few items and made this Knight UPE. It finally feels like there is a new challenge that isn’t as torturing as others. So this is me putting all my loots and leaps.

All my chars suiciding in Dwayne the Rock Dragon.


2/8, didn’t have actual screenshot of it though.

Felt so happy I got Captain’s Ring, screw the Ghostly Prism.



Finally a sword upgrade.

Armor and ready for some Lost Halls.

Void White!(Void Bow)




I rushed Abyss without armor, cause I forgot to equip it.

Battle Armor :slight_smile:


8/8 UPE

Cdirk, im pretty mad at my luck, 173 abby’s done so far no white but i get a cdirk

White bags below! I’m kinda new to the forum, please bear with me.


It seems like you are off to a good start. :wink:


ducky the forumer :o


How are you getting so many of the whites XD

Hey, and if you are doing this already, would you like to join a recent Discord server I made? We’re trying to do petless runs, but not strictly ppe, because we can trade amongst each other. It’s perfectly fine if not!


Sure thing! I have empty chars to start up some more ppes :))


Here you go!


Random white/orange bags I got so far

Second Sickle

Wished it was a white bag


Post the Ogmur :3


Grind is real, 123 Abby no white bags yet


PPE has that mystical luck. I have a PPE on my account that I got to 8/8. He was getting so many whites that I had to stop playing on him because I’m running out of room hehe.


Overdamaging is indeed a myth, but Ppe, Upe, Npe, etc. luck is a very real thing. :wink:

The stricter the limitations, the greater the luck! ^•^


Where’s the Ogmur


I edited it and put it at the top, but here ya go :))


8/8, still no dblade


CDirk, but still no dblade after 173 of it


This marks 200 Abyss of Demons, still no white.


Felt bored of it after 230 abysses, it drained my motivation to continue as the knight. Died by accident in fungal cavern as I was stunning the worm mother. Marks the end of my knight, I still have the ogmur with me though.


If anyone feels like having a PPE with me, please feel free to DM me on
Discord: DuckyMomo#8943.

I’m always happy to play with people :slight_smile:


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