Dungeon Chaining Has Become Toxic


The main problem I have with the events is that the droprates are balanced around endless chains. When you don’t get any thicket whites in 50 runs, then its almost impossible to ever get them by doing thickets from the court if half of the castle groups don’t even do janus and almost everyone goes to oryx instead of the court.
Unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money on keys during events or you have friends/guildies who are wlling to do so, you either have to use some bad discord where everybody seems to have a fetish for spending more time with waiting between the runs than doing the actual dungeon. Sitting in uss on the other hand is laggy and boring. Either way if you’re relying on discord or uss, the dungeon will be a borefest because even the last bit of challenge goes away if there are +50 people.Usually you sit at the spawn and wait until the rusher has reached the boss, who will then die in less than 20 seconds.


This is where the discussion gets one sided. The kick list is of people that were constantly trolling in the dungeons. When a key popper is spending upwards of $200 for an event it is unacceptable for people to grief. That being said the server itself is a discord that focuses on the efficiency of the dungeons not the feelings of the raiders. There is a mentality going around with the discords where the raiders think they’re always in the right, but that’s not going to be the case with this discord. This is a safe heaven for players that are serious about events and getting through dungeons as fast and efficiently as possible.
Again going back to what PLEBJESUS said about his guildie the guy was rushing when the chains are boots friendly, said it in his own post “(Attempting to ruin players boots on the ground.)” also “(I was completely muted so I didn’t hear anything)”. In what discord do you think its acceptable to deafen? Listening to instructions is part of the things you are expected to do when joining runs, if you break the rules after that its not the raidleaders fault but your own. Another thing you dont know about the list is that its reset every 3 resets. Nobody is on there permanently, think of it as a slap on the wrist. Like a suspension but for only 3 chains.
To summarize if you dont like the style of raiding there is always the option to not join/ leave the discord.


Kicks are based on players that are crashing/griefing PRIVATE chains. The players kicked are not innocent, most crashers are allowed to stay in runs. Only the ones that are Rushing boss in a boots friendly run or mystic trolling are the ones that are given consequence. Same goes for people in the voice channel.


Not to point fingers or to single anyone out there but if you join the voice call or enter the runs, you’ll notice that a lot of their members openly admit to hacking and paying for duping services and that includes their raid leaders.


Don’t condone hacking or duping but if deca really cared they’d fix the problems. But instead they’re working on ways to spend the money they get from people that buy keys in these events.


They did fix plenty of duping methods and features in clients, so they clearly do care. The problem is that the hackers/dupers are always one step ahead.


Again if they really cared they’d fix it but they’re too focused on how they’re going to dump the game as soon as the unity deadline hits.


Whats the point of fixing duping methods if there is a new one in 3 days?

And how do you know this?


Feeling I have, also they cant fix the simple purple glow glitch for people that paid for the cosmetic. If they cant even do that what makes you think they’re thinking about the game in the long run? They just dont have the capability to fix something simple but for sure they have capability to port a game.


Sure you guys don’t which is why most of your members and raid leaders can openly hack w/o being kicked from the server.


Server is neutral on hacking, again the main focus there is for runs to be fast and efficient. Either way most people are tired of hearing the same rant by anti and pro hacking people.


That they’re working on longtime stuff like dungeon reworks or the chat server.


What is chat server even meant to do? All I know is that every time they’ve tried to add it to the live servers its failed.


Armchair developper weighs in: “the devs just have to fix all the problems and then the game will be fine”.

I really don’t get people who spend tons of money on the game and then still cheat. If you get banned you have a lot more to lose than the average player, so why would you risk losing an investment of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars?

For the record: saying or implying that it’s okay to do anything to cheaters is not going to make the game any better. If you really want to have the moral high ground then don’t crash and ruin private dungeons.


I don’t crash? I don’t even play besides trading these days. I have a friend in there that tells me things. Go ahead and check my fame history. It’s stagnant so stop assuming things when you can’t back them up yeah?


Nope, I was never in their discord to begin with, plus I thought they would actually be thankful that I rushed to boss so we can do another dungeon faster. Guess I was wrong tho.

I also haven’t heard of their discord until this point, so theres that, and I only rushed one para in a chain.


The way you worded your post seemed to imply that, because they’re a bunch of cheaters, crashing their dungeons is A-OK.

I’m not accusing you of anything personally. Calm down.

Rushing Para generally means a lot of people are going to die or nexus. Why would anyone be thankful for that?

You could also have just asked the opener via in-game chat if rushing was OK.

You don’t get to call other people toxic when you’re the one barging in their dungeons and doing whatever you want.

(also, as the Discord owner said: you weren’t permakicked. No need to rage at them over a temp ban)


Tbh I think we all need to calm down, this thread is getting derailed and everyone is overly defensive.


There was 50+ people in there (if I’m correct) so this is invalid as there were plenty of healers/DPS

From my experience, people don’t really ask permission to rush, they just do it.

You’re assuming I was doing it continuously, I again, only did it once without knowing it was wrong for that matter, the fact that gets me or anyone a temp ban or kick or whatever is stupid.

okay? I don’t care if I was permakicked or temp kick/banned. I don’t NEED to do endless chains of dungeons, either in that discord or USSouth (UNLESS ITS LOST HALLS REEEE).

I didn’t know I was temp banned anyway, so thanks I guess xd.

true, I personally don’t like it when people attempt to call me out on something I wasn’t wholly responsible for. But I’ll leave it at that


Not going to matter if everyone is focusing on the boss and mobs start coming into the boss room. Even in large groups that still results in deaths and nexuses.

“Other people do it so it’s OK” never works as an excuse.

No I’m not.

… that why you started this thread? To show everyone just how much you TOTALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT THIS SRSLY GUYS BELIEVE ME?

Just admit you fucked up and move on. Nobody needs a million posts about this shit.