Dungeon Chaining Has Become Toxic


This is a game where rushing is a natural part of the game. It’s an expectation that someone will rush to boss for the group.

not really, I’m just annoyed that the events are at their core are bad.

Which means I do technically care I guess.

(also don’t straw man me pls)

The only thing I’ll admit I did wrong was that I rushed when I didn’t know upfront that rushing wasn’t allowed, but that’s it. I’m not gonna admit to stuff I never did or was accused of doing.

also you ruined my post that was supposed to rerail this thread, hope you’re happy >:(



Like @Mynamerr said:

Events have made court redundant since it takes more effort for a single dungeon that may be a wipe in comparison to someone who say buys 10-15 keys of the same dungeon. droprates are also a problem as they constantly give subpar stuff or literally nothing, which doesn’t incentivize people to do the dungeon when there isn’t an event.

Before they introduced the quest events, the chests were alright at first. I and many other people were definitely happy that Deca was doing these events since they filled in the void during updates and gave more loot to people who needed it. The droprates were alright back then too, not the best of course, but did give a few good things every now and then. The events could also be done without waiting in USSouth back then (atleast the godland event dungeons).

fast forward to now, and they’re dungeons that can only be found once per realm for the most part, droprates are trash, there isn’t a chest anymore (thank god), people leech whenever possible (including me), it’s no wonder that people have become impatient, dickish, and overall unpleasant when doing these events.

(off topic, but have you noticed that 80% of the mystery box shop and bundles are always “on sale”? specifically the keys, might just be me.)


Crashing is also not good.

You and @PLEBJESUS derailed the thread - although it did seem you had a specific issue in mind since the beginning. There are a number of threads about events and why they’re good or bad. If you want to discuss the merits of discords that chain dungeons, in my opinion you should be in the run/ voice channel first.

When you see a group of people in a bazaar, you can ask “is this a private chain?” and find out if it’s a guild that’s buying keys or a discord run.

BTW I gave up chaining paras in USS because I ask to clear, not rush, and there’s always an ass that thinks I am compelled to give away free money (= keys) and as such my desires for the run are irrelevant.

Well, the drop rates are abysmal anyway, and chaining the same dungeon over and over again is boring. So find something else to do, and don’t look at everybody else’s loot pics: for one person that gets a white, 80 get a mark.

There’s no reason for DECA to change if they see that the players are more engaged this way, and I don’t remember USE2 ever being as full all the time as USS is now.

Actually, thinking about DECA, they have made changes already: we used to complain that events were easy loot, loot is worse, then that chest events happened too often, now there aren’t chests every weekend, we get mark events instead. It just seems that DECA doesn’t trust the game enough to go for the “fewer & better events” solution that would make me happy (although I don’t have a place to pop my keys any more)


That’s the point: it means there’s a discount by buying via mystery box/ bundle. Draconis key 10% off: 90 gold instead of 100. Even in the worst case scenario, when you get 1 key only, you save 10% (last year, when I was buying key seriously I kept track of my rolls: on average you used to get 1.15 keys per roll)


I never crashed tho :confused: (unless rushing in this situation was also crashing)

I’ll give you that one, since #PLEBJESUS did bring it up first, and I responded with additional info. but yeah, I did have a more overall point in it.

Now that’s what I’m talking about when it came to dungeon chaining :smiley:

you forgot to mention that these events still happen every weekend tho :<

Off Topic part

but it’s a mystery box, not the keys themselves. plus they’re on sale as soon as they come out, making it seem like you’re getting a better deal than what you actually get. sure you have a chance to get more than 1 key, but from my experience the odds are heavily weighed against you.

(prime example of why gambling is bad mmkay)


If you enter a private dungeon uninvited, you’re crashing, even if you behave well.

That’s what I am referring to. In the shop right now I have a Draconis key box that is priced at 90 gold and a Parasite key box for 180. In both cases, 10% off, and the advantage of getting the keys in your vault directly (this is important if you buy 30-40 at once).
Price is always a little less than the cheapest item*, hence the sale/ %discount claim, with the chance of getting something better, but as I said, I kept count and it used to be about 115 keys every 100 rolls. Much worse for other boxes.
'* STs, ST chests and ST shards are priced arbitrarily by DECA, but you can work it out


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I don’t get it.

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I like how you stripped a single word from that sentence, and ignored the fact I used autism as an insult, but got mad when I used gaymer (which isn’t a derogatory term).

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Says the person who tells people to /follow him during runs.

There’s no such thing as “neutrality” towards hacking.

To be fair: Those were “boots on grounds fame” runs


We desperately need party systems in-game.


I think that everyone needs to remember, be they in USS or a key popping discord server, that the person popping spent money on the game so everyone else could have a good time. I get disheartened whenever I see people spamming “pop para plis” or “lod or riot” in chat; it shows a sense of entitlement that players have developed over the charity of others. Don’t demand that the popper do something, and certainly don’t do exactly what they ask you not to (be that rushing, leeching or other such behaviors).

As for the list the discord apparently has: I see no problem with it. I think it’s great that discords can take active measures to prevent jerks from intentionally ruining the experience for others. If I was participating, I would much prefer for the draggers and the such to be removed ASAP. I disagree with the hacking-neutral policy, though; hackers be bad.


Let me get this right. You went stumbled upon their chain, which is a private dungeon opening mind you (making you a crasher), rush the dungeon knowingly ruining people who had boots on the ground, and still have the balls to come here and complain that there’s a kick list?

Having a kick list to punish people who break the rules of the runs makes perfect sense. It’s the only way to reinforce rules. The whole point of the discord is to run dungeons with ‘Maximum Efficiency’. Whether it be for farm or loot, the raid leader and the key popper will decide what the discord is doing in the dungeon. Anyone who doesn’t follow the leading has a good reason to be kicked from the dungeon. Repeat offenders will be put on a kick list if they refuse to listen.

Is that really considered petty? The key popper has every right to kick anyone who decreases the quality of the raid. I really don’t see a problem there. They paid for the key with their own money. You have no right to feel entitled to their keys.

'Nope, I was never in their discord to begin with, plus I thought they would actually be thankful that I rushed to boss so we can do another dungeon faster. Guess I was wrong tho.

I also haven’t heard of their discord until this point, so theres that, and I only rushed one para in a chain.

Holy shit how can you be so stupid? Look at it from their point of view, thanks.

I do agree with the initial post though. This completely offtopic discussion about Maximum Efficiency is completely ridiculous, that’s all.

TLDR; NOBODY IS ENTITLED TO ANY KEYS. @JimdaFish is completely right.


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I didn’t even know they had boots on the ground so that’s invalid. was I wrong about the kick list? well yeah since @Finite gave context to it

still don’t see the problem, other than the fact I didn’t know it was a discord run that didn’t allow rushing. and from their point of view, they should’ve kicked me for not being in the discord.

well of course not, I wasn’t even complaining about people not popping keys.

you guys keep derailing the thread, which makes me derail it further :confused:


Not here, we have an introduction thread for that.

I think dungeon chaining is a bad idea from the start. But there’s nothing DECA can do to stop it.

Having a kick list is fair as long as it’s justified. I will say that max eff is toxic but that doesn’t excuse @WindowsHDD’s rushing against the RL’s wishes.

On the other topic that was brought up: events should be just that – events. Therefore they shouldn’t be every weekend. Occasional, perhaps once a month or on special occasions (MotMG, Christmas). More frequently Realm events could run. Maybe something like: Abysses are a guarenteed drop from White Demons, and all Abysses dropped from White Demons have higher drop rates, or something.


thank you for attempting to salvage this “productive thread” my acquaintance/enemy/fan.

Finally, that’s what I was getting at the whole time. my initial thoughts about the kick list was that it was for people who did more or less nothing wrong. I was wrong in that regard, obviously.

yuppers, that would be a great idea for balancing the overall effect events have on the economy and in general. I like the idea of lesser dungeon events making dungeon drops higher or monsters dropping loot at an increased rate would be a good idea.

I swear if you guys derail this one more time ima be really mad lad.


I don’t see why DECA would want to stop it: they make money from the keys.
Compared to the normal mystery boxes, key boxes are not even that bad (worst case scenario: you get 1 key, compared to getting a shard, or a mystery key - probably sprite).
I also remember having fun chaining keys, but that was a long time ago when events still felt special, even before the last MotMG.

I’d love more realm events.


Honestly, and I might get some shit for saying this, I think if the whole event situation was fixed (maybe each player has a key limit as to how much they can enter non-naturally spawned dungeons?), either via a mechanic or just the lack of events in general, then the drop rates for items should be buffed.

I think that it would be beneficial if some items just dropped more often because it’s honestly toxic for the game why some items that drop naturally are so hard to obtain, but via an event, it’ll take a day or two. I didn’t play during the Thicket Event and I feel like shit because I’ve done so many of those this year trying to get a Staff, Skull, Robe, anything. But, I just don’t want to do them anymore because, I could’ve basically 100% gotten them during the event. Now, my thought process is to just wait for the next one to come around.

Of course, drop rates can only be buffed in an ideal world, but the world of RotMG is far from ideal. DECA will keep pushing out events and making easy cash because, why wouldn’t they? So, I mean, we can only hope that after Unity, they can relax on the events, since they wouldn’t need such a large influx of money (which is currently their main reason as to pumping out events so much).


I’ll have to agree with you on this one, cuz they could’ve made key boxes much worse by putting fluff and garbage in them. (Or making them all mystery keys :fearful:)

What was wrong with the last MotMG? I personally liked it a little less than the last one, but I still had fun none the less. Then again, there was more variety on what dungeons you wanted to do during it…

Same. Deca probably won’t add in more until the Unity port is complete sadly.


I didn’t do this event at all. I think it’s the worst event because there’s no feedpower drops and no skins.

That being said, I agree with Kiddforce when it comes to keys and events.

Keys aren’t just a convenience anymore, they’re the alpha and omega for basically every event now.

DECA needs to make some incentive to do events in the realm.

For this event the para castles that spawn in the realm needed to drop red goodie bags and the rock dragon needed to drop red goodie bags.

If you have an event and you balance the drops around key poppers, the regular players get screwed.

I can’t comment on this event, but for the Thicket and Cdepths event I would have been very upset.

I did 30 thickets and 60 Cdepths. I got staff and spell from thicket bosses and nothing of value from either chest.

Doing 30 thickets would be supremely difficult for someone without keys.
Doing 60 cdepths without keys in 2 days is pretty much impossible.


Actually I don’t care about chest events or dying anymore, am literally on the verge of quitting for maybe a bit since at some point everything becomes really boring.

But as for other people, I don’t know how they stay “actively” playing realm.