Dungeon Design Spec Contest


Hmm, almost as if it’s one of the biggest projects so far that they absolutely do not want to fuck up, all the while still wanting to squeeze in new effects?


I understand the purpose of it, doesn’t make it any better.

That much would still hold true for the past couple months.


I just finished it after 2 weeks of procrastinating

But holy shit 10 pages is small, very small. 12 pages would be perfect.

  • I submitted an entry
  • I don’t submit anything
  • I made something but I left it in the trash/discontinued

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Submitted my dungeon today, hopefully this event will add some cool new content into the game!


I agree, but I guess if they actually like it we’ll be able to help/advise them with the rest.


I have an idea ready and I want to complete and submit it, but I’m way too lazy


Well, since the deadline is in 2 hours…

At first i did not want to do it, i planned to do something for the movie poster contest. Then i saw everyone posting their entries on reddit, and i understood i had no chance. So i finished my design document just in time.




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