Dungeon Drop Rate Reduction


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Having played many years, I’ve come to the opinion that the game is slowly being ruined due to mass key popping dungeons. Many players rarely even play in the realms anymore because its more effecient to farm dungeons through discords.

In attempt to fix the overwhelming problem of key popping, a solution that has been previously suggested was a reduction in drop rates in dungeons created by key.

The hope is that this will encourage more realm dungeon completions than key - after all its REALM of the Mad God and NOT Dungeons of the Mad God

An alternative solution may be to actually increase the drop rate of realm dungeons. This would allow players who don’t have access to Discords to still have equal chance to get items compared to those who chain 50 key-popped dungeons.

  • Reduce Key-Dungeon drop rates
  • Increase Realm Dungeon drop rates
  • Leave the drop rates as they are
  • A different solution is needed

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If you have an alternative solution or even don’t consider this an issue - please comment.


By drop rate of dungeons do you mean drop rate of loot or how common the dungeon from an enemy, because I think the dungeon chance should be upped and maybe the pot rates in some dungeons should be buffed


I say during the event, the loot droprate from the realm dungeon should be increased by 50%. The key dungeon should remain as it is now.


Could you imagine trying to get a Tenne or a white/ST by farming court dungeons naturally? It takes an ABSURD amount of time, AND you are skipping out on oryx for it. I feel like these dungeons were DESIGNED to be farmed by keys. DECA really needs to take another look at how they balance these hard to access dungeons.

Which brings me to another point. I like literally feel NO incentive AT ALL to farm court dungeons. You have to clear realm, wait 2 minutes for castle, and then kill Janus and skip oryx just to do a SINGLE DUNGEON. Before I subjected myself to this nonsense to try and get the cnidaria rod, but now I can just craft it with 3 whites from any easily farmable dungeon. I have no incentive to try and get it as a drop, it is more efficient to just run other dungeons and forge it. UT forge should be used when you have bad RNG, it shouldn’t be a more efficient way of grinding whites for other dungeons

  • All Gland Dungeons need to spawn more often
  • All Gland Dungeons need to guarantee the pot for everyone
  • Harder dungeons need a loot drop buff
  • Realms need to be smaller (less crappy ent and lich spawns)


Uhhhhh… no. no. the ents and liches are fine, ents can give you shot at qot and licked give you chances for the st set.


This is yes.

A double-edged sword right here. It does cut down the farming it needs and able to keep up with the demand for rainbows. But at the same time, it may cause rainbow overflow and lose their values in the long term.

I have a feeling that Deca shadow-nerfed the droprate back to pre-buffed state.

  • Realms need to be smaller (less crappy ent and lich spawns)

Uh, no, as both drop items that are pretty good, so decreasing those event spawns would make grinding for those items harder n general.


In my opinion, its not that keys and discords are easier to find (although I will agree to that), its more of that they’re a lot easier since tons of players are steamrolling dungeons in mere minutes rather than the possible hours of doing end game dungeons such as host halls for example (even tho I will say pub cults are really fun)


Thanks for posting this here; I replied on Reddit but I think this is a better place for discussion.

The problem is selling keys is one of the main ways the game is funded. I don’t know the % of revenue but given how almost all events (chests, tokens like letters, 1.5% drop/loot boosts, ST items when released) take place in dungeons, for which keys are helpfully on sale during the event, I imagine they sell very well.

So anything that makes keys less attractive could harm revenue. And the impact could be outsized, if it drives players away from the game, or causes them to end buying keys and perhaps anything else.

And they already have done a lot to improve things. Dungeons that drop from events like Shatts are now guaranteed. Lucky gods, the Owl and Spider drop guaranteed dungeons. Now every boss in highlands has a relatively common dungeon drop.

At the same time the changes to HP scaling address some of the balance problems with large groups, making doing dungeons in-Realm with small groups of 6-12 people much more pleasant.


Good point here. Ever since the addition of lucky gods and the spider/owl, farming dungeons in realm has gotten to be really consistent. I can actually farm Wlab and Cdepths now without constantly hopping realms, it is a much better pace now. Avatars/sentries/nests/fungals are also pretty easy to get to by realm hopping. Once you are in, the runs are even faster than discords if you have a good group. Only exception is court of oryx dungeons and O3s. (O3 is meant to be exclusive/rare though)


Rainbow pots may lose value but, most of the pots are worth almost nothing anyway. Also I don’t want to enter a sprite or snake pit and get only a mark because there are three people instead of two.

Easy fix to this would be to just buff the drop rate.


The heck? you pay for more play, i think the lack of players in realms is due to the fact that the majority of the active playerbase is aged a few years now and can’t spare the same 16 hours a day to playing realm like we did in middle school


Double the ut droprate in all dungeons, but make keys 5 times more expensive


That’s a glaring truth for a decade year old game. However, there’s the rising generations that come into the game as well, so it’s hard to distinguish those original players who didn’t distinguish themselves publicly. I also think that’s why there’s more key popping going on, though… the said players grew up and started earning money from working at jobs. :smirk:


No, this will destroy the economy even more. I understand that sometimes it’s hard to get potion, even in a group of 3 people, but if DECA would add guaranteed potion for everyone people would mass-produce them and lower their value. Just search for the statistics of how many dungeons are done each day. And now assume that there is average 1-2 people on each dungeon. I’ll leave rest of the math to you.

However I totally agree with this one.

Back to the original post.

Idk, I still see most of the realms full. I’ve never seen discord that does non-endgame dungeons.

Eh- I mean, it’s good solution but during events the chance of getting any loot is still low af due to the fact that a lot of people are there = Lower chance of getting SB dmg. I personally go to the popped dungeons because that’s my only chance of getting basic stat potions relatively quickly.

Nah, it’s fine as it is now. Some people can get two whites in a row, others doesn’t get any white bag for 50 or 100 dungeons. If DECA would increase the drop rate of realm dungeons (even a bit) that would just destroy the entire fun of this game.

Conclusion: Gland dungeons should spawn more often, but the drop rates should be as they are now / another solution needed.


exactly. efficiency machine.