Dungeon Idea Submitting?


Hello Rotmg Community,
I’ve had a lot of time to think about new dungeon ideas, events, accessories, miscellaneous QoL stuff, but I never really had the time, tools, and expertise/help to make them a possible reality. I am looking for a/(the?) way to submit my ideas to someone who can make them happen. I know there are probably other posts and a certain place that concern this issue, but I didn’t find one in a 1-min search so I’m asking around. To anyone that reads this that does have the experience to directly make my ideas, direct contact through Discord would be appreciated. Send me a message for my ID. Like I previously stated, I don’t have a lot of actual spare time for this, so I’m going to open a drive later on if I get enough attention.




Your best bet is to make these ideas almost near perfect, something that the RotMG community as a whole will welcome into the game to even get it noticed by Deca.
Someone from the UGC (User Generated Content) Team will hopefully see your work and the effort you’ve put into it and recommend you to Deca to join the team.

Even without being part of the UGC, you’d just have to make the dungeon interesting and good enough to have someone from Deca want to put it in-game.

A good start would be to share your ideas (complete) in a Google Document (depending on what sub-category of ideas it fits into), both in this platform and the RotMG Sub-Reddit as they’ll get more attention that way.


I’ve actually started on a Drive Doc. I just feel overwhelmed at times when I can’t type as fast as I think or vice versa. My ideas feel incomplete and unpure, so I scrap many of them. I’m part of the Rotmg sub-reddit as well, but thanks for your help.


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