[Dungeon Idea]Wicked Game Show - BB


@Werbenja, I’m also afraid of people brute-forcing their way through the room, or exploiting certain skills to complete the room, especially hackers who won’t be affected by status effects, etc. On the other hand, I think it should reach a point where if you can brute force it, then you have earned the reward anyways because it’s just that much harder to brute force it.
also, thanks for the compliment :blush:

@Tokinbud, I was actually afraid of the theme’s reception! After all, it doesn’t really “fit” into the medieval era, I even made a thread asking about it (with some funny results). It’s good to know that you actually like it! I’m also glad you liked the spell. To be honest, I find myself unable to justify the use for the spell, since your tiered spells spawn on your cursor, so you don’t need to clear the enemies in front of you, but I figured it would be a fun spell to mess with.

@Xaklor, I may or may have not listened to undertale song on loop when I was making this. :wink:
In any case, I was actually formatting this post in the message with Discobot, but I didn’t know we had a 30k character limit, but by that point I was so mad that I’ve made the entire thing that I felt "screw it, I’ll get the entire post here in my way!"
Also, some of the gif in the document is kinda “broken”, so I’d say this is the definitive version… I’ll see if I can fix those.
It’s the amalgamate song tho

@Tauntauned, Thanks! It’s supposed to be like curtains hiding stuff the show. It’s actually not the original design for the portal. Glad it turned out fine.

@ItsGrandma, nice eye! I knew I missed something, but I wasn’t sure what.


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Great idea!!! I too have an idea that will probably take several moths because of my limited time. But i know that if you could develop your idea this well, I can too!

Also, my favorite part was kitten gumming tail. <3


Amazing idea!!! This would be so awesome! Great job dude


@Nightfeld Good luck with your idea! I have the luxury of a holiday, so I could work on long hours in this idea. As long as you keep on chiping at it, you will get there! :triumph:

@PLEBJESUS, thanks, mate. I’m pretty glad that you liked the read!


This dungeon is really well made and I really liked the concept of it!


I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for the bump too :smile:


Awesome bro! I’d love we could have anything to “playtest” this dungeon or something like that! Well, you should try to code it with deca’s XML lesson :stuck_out_tongue: Btw gave a 9/10 :smiley:


Btw the boss looks like Slender, soft Slender version x)


Thanks! I thought about making the xml, but college just restarted so i highly doubt i will…

Also, you got it! Slender was a huge inspiration when making the boss


I just love your work, on this dungeon, but also for making items, and your constructive comments below people’s items Idea. I’d love to make a dungeon or things like that, but you need skill, and special softwares ; I have neither^^ I’d like you give me some tips or things like that to help me about making better things


Thanks, mate. It took me half of my holiday to do this, so I’m glad you liked it.

Take your time, but don’t stop. It’s hard to keep on doing something, but it gets easier, so keep practicing.

For software, my favorite pixel art maker is “piskelapp”. It’s free, and you can download it if you want to take it offline. You can further edit your image using Gimp, especially to add shadows and all.

Besides that, i used ms word.

Good luck on your creations!


Thanks, and good luck for your future creation :smiley: Hiped to see The Wyrm Rider doing the Wicked Game Show :stuck_out_tongue:


Necro bump haha!


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Wanted to see if I can get some more feedback. The trooms are pretty gimmick-y and risky, and I’d like to know what people think about the enemy variety. Especially after reading the Clocktower, I feel like there’s something missing, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.






nice necro bump