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Ayy, guys. Glad to see you click on this thread. I’d like to tease my coming dungeon. There’s a LOT of dungeon ideas out there, and I can’t say that mine is the most interesting, but I can assure you that it’s going to be filled with a lot of references. Some are to other nerdy stuff, like anime, or other games. Some are references to Forum’s events, but I assure you that these references are just tiny bonuses in the entirety of the dungeon.

Here’s what I’m willing to leak; It’s a mid game dungeon- difficulty is supposed to be between Toxic Sewers and Abyss of Demons.

Some Sprites;

And one of the few exclusive, less useful drops there:

This item plays Oryx’s death sound when consumed. It disappears after a single use, a vanity drop for sure.

Guess what its theme is, and if I consider it to be close enough, I’ll… give you a shout out on the post? I don’t have a lot to offer, sorry.

Edit: Release date: 26 August 2017; GMT+7 That’s in about 24 hours from that latest bump


Dungeon that full of meme


Lol. Actually I’d love to have such light hearted dungeons as end-game dungeons!


B-Bump, and release date out!


Allright. About in 8 hours!


Ba-bump, 2 and a half more hours!


It’s already out. @moderators, feel free to close thread!


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