Dungeon Themes


Pirate Cave:

Forest Maze:

Spider Den:

Snake Pit:

Forbidden Jungle:

The Hive:

Magic Woods:

Sprite World:

Candyland Hunting Grounds:

Cave of a Thousand Treasures:

Haunted Cemetary:

Undead Lair:

Abyss of Demons:

Manor of the Immortals:

Pupper Master’s Theatre

Toxic Sewers:


Parasite Chambers:

Deadwater Docks:

Woodland Labrynth:

Crawling Depths:

Puppet Master’s Encore:

The Nest:

Secluded Thicket:

Beach Zone:

Davy Jones’ Locker:

Lair of Draconis:

Ocean Trench:

Mountain Temple:

Ice Cave:

Tomb of the Ancients:

The Shatters:

Lost Halls:


Oryx’ Castle:

Oryx’ Chamber:

Oryx’ Court:

Wine Cellar:

Lair of Shaitan:

Cnidarian Reef:

Ice Tomb (Limited):

Somebody else help me complete it, I’m too busy enjoying my holiday :palm_tree:


Lost Halls?


I feel like this would be briliant for the Cnidarian Reef for some reason…


i was thinking of this for lost halls but maybe it could be the cultist hideout


Use the regular lost halls soundtrack you had but when the game detects lag switch to this.


These would be great for the dungeons!
(except for all the copyright claims)


Maybe DECA will make their own music…



Going into Pirate Caves just for the soundtrack.


1 word - copyright


I would love Deca forever for making new music. But they could just use royalty free classical too. https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/cinematic


2 words - “I Know”

Just ideas for what I think fits.


Guild Hall


Why am I picturing this in the Void? :man_facepalming:t5::joy:


because its nice fun lighthearted music which is very good for an endgame dungeon such as the void


I love Zelda music make sure the vault has the Ocarina of time shop music :smiley:


I elevator music when when the realm load time is too long XD


I like your thinking :joy:


void entity fight


Yes! :+1:t5:


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