Dungeon Vote banning and Removal of popper’s power of kick people


Just a simple suggestion. If you do something like /voteban [name] in a dungeon, you start a “poll,” in a way. Basically, if you reach 80% (just an example) of the people in the dungeon who vote banned a person, then the person is kicked.
Vote banning would really only be good for dungeons where the popper doesn’t know that kicking exists, or if the popper nexused (maybe because of a dragger) and a dragger wants to take advantage of that.

Now for the “removal of poppers power to kick people,” I don’t literally mean that. I just didn’t know how to write it out correctly. Anyways, it works the same as vote banning, but instead, the people in the dungeon can remove the popper’s power to kick people out of the dungeon. This would rarely be used, since in most cases, people don’t pop in bazaars, and when it is, the popper usually doesn’t abuse the kick command.
Why would/should this command be added? This is why: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UyqPYXQJQ
I totally made this suggestion so that rotmg will become a sort of democracy

Edit: The “removal of the power to kick people” thing doesn’t really seem like a good idea. It’s always the poppers decision, so I don’t really think that is a good idea.
Also, for the vote banning idea, this could be abused in smaller dungeons, so to add on to it, there would have to be a minimum amount of players in the dungeon to actually start vote banning


I don’t like either of these ideas. In a bigger dungeon, it would be harder to abuse the voteban idea, but in smaller dungeons, what’s stopping people from abusing that power?
For the removal of poppers’ power to kick people, it is the opener’s key and therefore they should decide how they want their dungeon to be run. This power should never go to anyone else unwillingly even if the opener is abusing their power because after all it was their key in the first place


Yeah, this was a thing I noticed. It would only seem to work for larger dungeons, so, I think something that I should add is that this command would only work if there were x amount of players, or something related to that.

Agreed, I don’t really know what I could edit or add to make it seem better, but in the end, it’s the poppers key, and it’s the poppers decision


Not a big fan of this idea as the people in the dungeon can abuse the power and remove the popper’s power. Also if there is a small amount of people you can just remove the power very easily.


I should probably add this in to the actual suggestion


I don’t see there being much of a chance of someone buying a key and not knowing how to kick


Nope. Monarchy for the win.


Its a good concept, but needs a lot of work for small dungeons.


u realise that this is in a max eff run right they totes deserve it


I like the suggestion of a voteban but like people were saying it would go wrong in smaller numbers. Even though I dont 100% agree with popper being able to kick I still think its a better option and kinda important.

Edit: I also really havent seen much abuse from key poppers tbh but thats just me


I kinda think I know. Something to do with the rl cheating/using a hacked client?


From what i see it’s pub halls not max eff, also can you explain why max eff would deserve it?


I’ve heard all this stuff about “max eff,” what is that? I hear it mentioned when people are talking about fame trains.


Max eff is a discord focused at obtaining max efficiency in lh. In order to obtain max efficiency they encourage cheating and hacking. @PiterGPL which is probably the reason why Arex feels it is deserved


Didn’t know they encourage it, but if it’s true, why aren’t they banned already?


I am wondering the same thing


trent only leads max eff runs :monkey:


Why are you giving us a reason to kick everyone in the dungeon as your reason that the power should be removed?

A bunch of hackers getting kicked from a dungeon? I’m down for that.


I didn’t know they were hackers :frowning:


Keyers dont abuse power