Dungeoneer Public PPE Contest Season 2! Up to 30 decas and more! 6th of December


Public PPE Contest Season 2: Winter Edition

The time has come for the second and now winter season of the public PPE Contest!
Well we are happy to announce that after finally updating our point system, we are now ready again to host a full fledged and of course atomized PPE Contest for everyone!

General Info

Date: 6th of December - 4th of January
Time: 12:00 UTC

1st. 30 decas
2nd. 15 decas
3rd. 6 deca and 4 ubhps
4th and 5th: 3 decas and 2 life each
6th-10th: 1 deca and 1 life each
Due to the bot issues we will not do a raffle and instead extend the prize pool to reward more players that gave their best!


  • Contests have a set starting and ending date.
  • Any kinds of cheats are banned and will lead to an immediate ban from the contest.
  • All trading is banned.
  • At the beginning of a contest, staff will choose a t0 ability which the PPE will have to carry during all times and which has to be present in all screenshots to ensure the character was made during said contest.
  • All Achievements have different point values which vary from class to class and can be found in a table which is available to the public.
  • Every achievement is counted once. Fame is counted at death and is the last achievement you submit.
  • If your character is still alive on the last day of the contest, you may submit death fame without your character dying through a menu screenshot but you wont be allowed to submit another character after.
  • An item bag has to be in the bag alongside all other items which have dropped in the bag when making the screenshot. The bag has to be visible.
  • You will have to submit a screenshot of each achievement. In case of suspicion we might ask for video evidence though so please record your ppe if possible.

How to join:
All you have to do is join and verify in Dungeoneer Exalt O3 and then follow the submission guide to participate when it starts!
Dungeoneer is a allrounder server which focuses on Oryx Sanctuary, Realm Clearing, Random Dungeons and as you see Contests too!
Dungeoneer Exalt O3: https://discord.gg/rQrbK2V

Submission Guide:

Point System:

As always thanks for checking this out. Feel free to comment! I hope I could convince you to join in on the fun and hope to see you this sunday then!


Do we have to pay to get in


Why?? People can just put items in bags anyways


If I have learned one thing over the years playing realm: screenshot your bag after placing the meaningful items in your inventory - disconnecting is less common than it used to be but still it sucks to get a drop that you aren’t able to even pick up.


I think that’s only happened to me once (fortunately), there was a udl event that dropped dragon sts and I remember disconnecting from an indomptable


Not at all. We were able to collect enough donations to sponsor this for everyone!


To an extent we have to trust your honesty but often faking it is going to be hard since nobody gets more than one double white in a contest setting.


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