Dungeoneer Public PPE Contest Season 4: Vindication! Prizes include 200$ cash, discord nitro, skins and more!


Public PPE Contest Season 4: Vindication Edition

After a year it is finally time for the fourth season of the public PPE Contest!

This month of the mad god, the syndicate is out to get oryx at all cost. In the end its a matter of, VINDICATION.

General Info

Date: 2nd of August - 11th of September

Time: 12:00 UTC

Current Prizes:

1st. 200$

2nd. 100$

3rd. 1 year of nitro

4th. 1 month of nitro + 8 splendors

5th. 5 skins + 8 splendors

6th - 10th. 4 skin each

10th -20th: 3 skins each

20th - 30th: 2 skin each

30th - 50th: 1 skin + a deca each

Skins can be drawn from a pool, screenshot will be in the discord.

Prizes may be increased by more donations to the pool.

Everyone will receive a participation prize at the end of the contest if they reach the required amount of points on one character.


Contests have a set starting and ending date. You can join at any time during between that.

Any kinds of cheats are banned and will lead to an immediate ban from the contest.

All trading is banned. The forge and battle pass may NOT be used for the contest.

Certain event quests on the tinkerer will be allowed, general mark quests are banned.

At the beginning of a contest, staff will choose a t0 ability which the PPE will have to carry during all times and which has to be present in all screenshots to ensure the character was made during said contest.

All Achievements have different point values which vary from class to class and can be found in a table which is available to the public.

Every achievement is counted once. This includes every fame milestone and dungeon completion milestones.

An item bag has to be in the bag alongside all other items which have dropped in the bag when making the screenshot. The bag has to be visible.

You will have to submit a screenshot of each achievement. In case of suspicion we might ask for video evidence though so please record your ppe if possible.

How to join:

All you have to do is join and verify in Dungeoneer and then follow the submission guide to participate when it starts!

Dungeoneer Exalt O3 https://discord.gg/o3

Submission Guide:

Point System:

Feedback Form for the point system