Dungeoneer Seasonal PPE Contest #1! Prizes include 10k realm gold, skins, stat potions and more!


Dungeoneer Seasonal PPE Contest #1
This year and with the new seasonal system, we have decided to revamp the contest!
The contest will be seasonal exclusive and everything has been updated to support that.

General Info

Date: 23rd of May - 13th of June

Time: 8:00 UTC

1st. 10’000 realm gold
2nd. 5’000 realm gold
3rd. 1’000 realm gold
4th. 10 skins
5th. 5 skins
6th - 10th. 1 skin each
11th - 20th: 1 stat of your choice maxed
21th - 50th: 1 t13 weapon or 1 t14 armor of choice

How to join
All you have to do is join and verify in Dungeoneer and then follow the submission guide to participate when it starts!

Dungeoneer: https://discord.gg/o3

Rules can be found on the discord or in this dedicated video:

Submission Guide
Bot guide can be viewed in this video:

Point System

Feedback Form for the Point System


Contest is back after a year of hiatus.
Now better prepared than ever!


Do we have to count the points ourselves? also can there be a general rule of points? for example divinity=10 but if melee its 20. same with abilities, and armors, counting the points seem like a chore that hurts the eyes tbh.


You do not need to count points yourself. We have a bot to handle everything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5fTkYL84eI

Yes items have different points depending on class: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1eL-1bpX2tgV_0Qx3EqqHcYtd9RaBxfosNgtuexpblIw/edit


Can I submit maxxed stat by drinking the potion from seasonal mission?




amazing contest unfortunately im banned for pvp miasma xzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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