Dungeoneer Seasonal PPE Contest #3: Christmas 2023 Edition! Prizes include 26k realm gold, 25 skins, stat potions and more!


Dungeoneer Seasonal PPE Contest #3: Christmas
It is finally time again for a new massive PPE Contest!
As some of you remember we switched to seasonal mode last summer which went quite smoothly for the first 2 contests.

General Info

Date: 12th of December - 7th of January

Time: 10:00 UTC

1st. 10’000 realm gold
2nd. 7’000 realm gold
3rd. 5’000 realm gold
4th. 3’000 realm gold
5th. 1’000 realm gold + 10 skins
6th - 10th. 3 skins each
11th - 20th: 1 stat of your choice maxed + one deca ring
21th - 50th: 1 t13 weapon or 1 t14 armor of choice

How to join
All you have to do is join and verify in Dungeoneer and then follow the submission guide to participate when it starts!

Dungeoneer: https://discord.gg/o3

Rules can be found on the discord or in this dedicated video:

Submission Guide
Bot guide can be viewed in this video:

Point System

Feedback Form for the Point System


Only a few more days.

Also yes, we still need to add tavern items and new shinies. They will be there on time. :wink:


Point system has been updated.

Only 2 more days!


Contest starts tomorrow!


Contest has begun!
Make sure to join dungeoneer and get started. :wink: