Duo PPE Contest []


The second [Duo PPE] contest hosted by Arslan begins on the 16th of March 2019.

How to get Verified

  • Get a friend that you would like to enter the contest with.
  • Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/nzFZnEB
  • Message one of our verifier: angryleo#8912 | Arslan#2581 | PooI#7555
  • After your team pays 12 life (6 life per person) to one of the verifiers above, you will be given a personal category with your team name and channels for you and your mate to post loot.

Verifications now open.
To join the contest you will first need to join the discord: https://discord.gg/nzFZnEB

Season 2 Rules:
  • This will be a Duo PPE Contest.

  • To verify you need to find a partner and have both of you verified at the same.

  • Verification is 12 life per team or 2 UBHPs or 6 life per person

  • Once verified you and your partner will get a verified role + your own category with your team name and your own channels to post your loots in.

1.) The Points will be based on overall points of your team.

2.) You may ONLY trade gears among teams, T9 Weapon / T3 Ability / T9 Armor / T3 Ring. and under.

3.) Cheating/Hacking will result in a BAN from the discord + the 6 life will not be refunded.

4.) You must require a screenshot of last pot to max + all UTs + STs and Old tops and Tops with the bag visible.

Start and End Times: Will Start March 16th 8 P.M EST and will end at Apirl 16th 8 P.M EST

Late Penalty : 1 Deca for Verification

Point System:

2 Death fame: 1 point
Whitebags: 500 points
STs: 750 points
Character skins: 1000 points

Maxed stats: 1000 points (8/8 = 8000 points)
NPE: 5000 points (No pet experience)
TPE: 2500 points (Tiered Player Experience) Can use UTs when you get them.
>Must screenshot all gear upgrades<
Can’t use the random gear, unless you get the next tier upgrade.

Event whites: 5000 points (Csword/Cwand/Ray Katana are not included)
Lost halls, Nests, Thicket whites: 1500 points
Crown/Bracer: 2000 points

T14 Armors: 250 points
T13 Weapons: 1000 points
Omni: 3000 points

Milestones per Individual:

15 whites = 10,000 points
20 whites = 15,000 points
30 whites = 25,000 points

10 sts = 10,000 points
15 sts = 15,000 points
20 sts = 25,000 points

Note: Repeats don’t count

Prize Pool:

Rank 1:
24 Unbound Health rings + 3 Rings of Decades

Rank 2:
18 Unbound Health rings + 3 Rings of Decades

Rank 3:
12 Unbound Health rings + 2 Rings of Decades

Rank 4:
8 Unbound Health rings

Rank 5:
8 Unbound Health rings

Rank 6:
8 Unbound Health rings

Rank 7:
8 Unbound Health rings

Rank 8:
8 Unbound Health rings

Rank 9:
8 Unbound Health rings

Rank 10:
8 Unbound Health rings

When does the contest start? It starts on the 16th of March.

Do I have to record my PPE? No, you don’t. Screenshots will do.

How do I screenshot? Hold and press ALT + Prnt Scrn.

Where do I post my loot? You will get your own channel, once you have verified.

How do I verify? You have to pay 12 life or 2 ubhps to verify both you and your partner.

What happens if I die on my PPE? You can try multiple times and your best attempt will be recorded.

Can I use epic chests or ST chests on my PPE? No, that’s classified as cheating.

What happens if I get caught cheating/hacking on my PPE? You will be instantly disqualified and you will not be refunded.

How do I Screenshot on MacOS? command + shift + 3

Can I start before March 16th? No.

Can I use loot drops/clovers/backpacks/2x exp/dyes/cloths? Yes you can, however you cannot use “potion of max level.”

Do I have to screenshot every gear upgrade/pots drunk? No, you only have to screenshot Tops and last pot to max.

What if I am a tpe (tiered progression experience)? You will have to screen shot every tier upgrade and won’t be able to trade with your partner. You can use ut you get whatever your tier of Weapon/Armor/Ability/Ring is but can’t keep upper tiered for later. Example: I have t2 sword and see t4 sword, I can’t use t4 sword without getting t3 sword but I CANNOT PICK UP the t4 sword waiting to have a t3 sword even without using it. Also we will ask you not to have a backpack too early on your tpe to be sure you don’t cheat. (You can use one when you are up to old tops).

Tops information: Old tops= T11 Weapon/ T5 Ability/ T12 Armor/ T5 Ring. Tops=T12 Weapon/ T6 Ability/ T13 Armor/ T6 Ring. T13 Weapons/T14 Armors “need” to be screenshotted as they give points.

Additionnal Note: Please do not post gear upgrades unless it is top/old top/LH top, or if you are doing a TPE. As it clumps up the channel, making it harder to add points for Arslan. Also please do not post duplicate whitebags even if they are really good whitebags. If seen to do so, you will get Warning role. 3 Warns and you are disqualified for “attempting” to cheat.

Have any other questions?: Feel free to ask them here or in the discord server.

Good Luck!

Edit 3/3/19: The 100 UBHP’s is not a fixed amount, the more contestants we can get, the more we can increase the prize pool. Even changing the rewards from top 10 to top 15.

Edit 3/4/19: Prize Pool Added, FAQ added and Point System added.

Edit 3/4/19 Part 2: Added Rules, Changed up some rules.

Edit 3/5/19: Point System + Rules updated.

Edit 3/5/19 Part 2: Added Verification process.

Edit 3/6/19: Prize Pool increased + FAQ updated.

Edit: 3/8/19: Updated FAQ, Increased the prize pool + Youtube video added.

End of PPE Competition (Season 2, March 16th-April 16th)

I’m in if I can get someone to play with! Maybe I’ll finally get back into the game! Who wants in with me?

Edit: It seems like we might be doing something else ;-;


We are still deciding on whether we are doing a Duo PPE or Single class PPE. The voting will end in less than a hour from now.


I like PPE’s lets get it.


Feel free to use this forum to look for teammates or the discord. Good luck everyone!


command + shift + 3 for MacOS


Thank you for that will add it C:


Verification now open. :slight_smile:


10 more days till Contest starts.


9 more days still contest starts.


We have acquired the prize pool and currently have over 800 life pots. We also have over 100+ People competing, The prize is set to increase in the days to follow. Thanks for everyone’s supports! I have updated the Prize pool as well added Arslan’s video explaining everything.


Less than a week till contest starts


Less than 3 days till contest starts with over 80 teams competing. Be sure to get verified ^^


Contest starts in 22 Hours, no late verification will be accepted.


Ah, sweet prizes. I suck at PPE’s though, so I’ll pass. Good luck to all!


Should i join :confused:


I think it’s too late M8…




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