Dynamic Items (Updated 6/26/21)


I was going to write a review for RotMG but I was surprised to find this draft that I made probably several months ago. I figured I’d share it despite the lack of ideas since I still like the concept of what I was getting at.

I plan to start writing an in depth review but I wouldn’t be surprised if it became a forgotten draft like this.

As it currently stands there only a few ways in which equipment items interact with the game or the character outside of stat bonuses.That being set bonuses, trigger effects, and rare occurrences of item merging.
I’d like to see more unique interactions so here are some spontaneous ideas I’ve come across.

Reference Template
Pic - Name
Special Effect

Esben’s Wedding Ring
On Equip: +60 HP, +60 MP, +10 ATT, -5 DEF
On Ability Use: Grants Energized to other players wearing this ring within 5 tiles for 5 seconds. (Not including the player.)
Cooldown: 20 seconds

The idea here is to buff other players only if they are also wearing this ring.

Amulet of Dispersion
On Equip: +30 HP, +30 MP, +1 ATT, +1 DEF, +1 SPD, +1 DEX, +1 VIT, +1 WIS
On Death: Death message in chat is replaced with “Someone has mysteriously disappeared…” and no grave is spawned.

A totally useless effect, but it could be an amusing addition.

Fungal Breastplate
On Equip: +30 VIT, +80 HP
When Healed: Removes negative status effects. (Only procs if there are currently debuffs and if healed by an ability, not from pets, vitality, or status effects.)
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Candy-Coated Armor
On Equip: +50 DEF, -10 DEX
When Hit: -20 DEF for 15 seconds. (Cooldown does not reset if hit early.)
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Intended to reinstate CC as a defensive item, but in a different way.

Captain’s Ring
On Equip: +40 HP, +3 ATT, 3 DEX
On Ability Use: -8 ATT to the wearer, but +5 ATT to players within 4 tiles for 5 seconds.
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Ring of Divine Faith
On Equip: +5 VIT, +5 WIS
Effect on Equip: Wearer does not count toward Tome healing reduction and is healed the full amount.

Kinda complicated and a bit of a stretch, but I see no reason to omit it.

Coral Silk Armor
On Equip: +16 DEF, +3 SPD, 4 DEX
On Hit: Summons a large coral bomb on the wearer that explodes after 1 second dealing 300 damage to enemies within a 5 tile radius and exposes for 4 seconds.
Cooldown: 10 seconds

The addition of the bee armors created some redundancy when it comes to leather armor with speed.

Coral Ring
On Equip: +75 MP, +5 SPD, 5 WIS
On Shoot: Throws a small coral bomb on the nearest enemy that explodes after 1 second dealing 200 damage and exposes for 2 seconds within a 3 tile radius. (Activates only if an enemy is within 10 tiles.)
Cooldown: 6 seconds

The intention is to give these coral items an area-of-effect playstyle while complementing the paralyze effect of the trap. I also chose to add the expose effect since it compliments the multi-shot aspect of coral bow.


I really like this idea and I hope it gets expanded on soon by either you, or DECA.


These are all awesome and would definitely help the game feel more dynamic. Much less static and more like the item choices in games like League.


Love the esben ring one, but these are all nice.



“esben ring gang where yo at”


Nice ideas but I’m afraid there are issues with each of them.

Ebsen: I can’t see how anyone would use it on the chance someone else did. Energised is one of the least useful buffs, for many classes your pet is enough to keep your MP topped up due to your ability’s cooldown. For other classes it’s worth maybe one extra ability use. But are you going to equip it on the off chance you might get to use another Spell/Stun every 20 seconds, compared to e.g. a more balanced ring?

Ammy: You know it used to have an on-death effect? Actually two. First it resurrected you, but that was broken and exploitable. Then it created a zombie, but that was also broken and exploitable. I can’t see them ever bringing back an on-death effect, which would only likely lead to bugs and exploits again.

Breastplate: I think they made this clear when Puri, Geb Tome were nerfed, purification is not something that fits in the game. They didn’t completely remove it but it’s now limited to self-purification for Priests, and a hard to use self/group purification for Necros. It seems unlikely they would enable it more in the game, especially not on an item that could be worn by any of 4 classes.


But overall, I like the idea of an item’s effect changing depending on what other players wear, opens up a whole new window of team formations.

How is not showing a grave and changing the death notification exploitable?

I agree that purification is pretty strong and should have limited use, but I like idea of effects being triggered by a specific action done by another player.

I think these were the main points by the OP, while the specific procs themselves need tweaking, we need more options as to what gets affected and how, when it comes to adding more variety to items.


I don’t know. But I don’t know how the last way it worked (you die and a zombie of your char’s class gets created) was exploitable. I guess it’s that character death is a very particular time in the game, when your char is deleted due to your HP going below zero. Doing anything to modify that could leave gaps that hackers could exploit.


I mean it is already a good but overlooked dps ring. This proc might not be enough to make it great, but it’s the idea, especially on a “wedding ring”.

I think this instance is balanced and situational enough that it could get added. 10s cooldown on a puri that you cannot proc yourself and requires you to commit to a mediocre survivability armor? Seems pretty fair to me


On-death effects weren’t the problem with the old ammies, it was what those effects did. Resurrection is too strong. Zombies can kill AFK and weak players. Are you perhaps suggesting that if DECA adds an On-death effect, hackers could just rewrite the code or something? If that’s the case then all procs should be just as exploitable, but I don’t see that being the case right now, is it?


I feel like these sorts of effects (ones triggered by other players) will really strengthen coordinated runs, perhaps even allow for different class combinations to shine. Though, I’m sure this means a whole lot of new code on the devs’ part.


I use Esben anyway, so this would just be an added bonus.


I very much like that one, I just dont know why people are flipping over it.


Misunderstanding, I’m sure. The revive could be rigged, and the zombie is bad as a PvP, but a lack of a grave and a death message should be fine. I somehow doubt everyone was around for when it existed, myself included, so there’s an air of mystery around it, too.


Energized is actually really strong, so strong that they removed it from Bard before putting it in the game. It regens like 20 MP/s. That is the equivalent of like 330 wisdom; it’s almost half of what a fully maxed Divine pet heals you. Plus, with In Combat/Out of Combat, your pet isn’t gonna be up 24/7, so energized has an even larger impact than your pet in some cases

The proposed buff would give you 100MP over 5 seconds, every 20 seconds. So it averages to 5MP/s, which is still like the equivalent of 85 wisdom. Also, that is assuming that the cooldown applied to RECEIVING the buff, not GRANTING it.

I think the way it is supposed to work is that the cooldown is for giving the buff, not receiving it. So if you have a ton of people with esben rings you could have it up 100% of the time.

It is definitively an interesting concept


I wasn’t expecting this to get much attention for how little it showed, so I’m happy to see that y’all share a similar sentiment when it comes to items with unique effects.

I also didn’t plan on adding any new ideas to this list but I figure that I ought to share a few more concepts since a couple dozen people have shown interest in it.

I dunno if anyone was particularly interested in reading that review I was writing, but I decided I’ll post it up sometime during MotMG since I heard there will be certain changes/additions to the game, which may impact what I have to say.


Make that proc triggered only when you entered In Combat. 50 Def but goes back to 30 if you got hit regardless of IC or not, I don’t think it will make a difference than now.

Jugg (factoring in Armored) + this buffed CC + UBDef = 142 Defence (150 with all Def Exalts).
I would love to use that combo again.


If it lowered defense upon entering combat then I think that you would find the threshold for entering combat to be artificially high.
This could lead to some scenarios that would cause CC to be unreasonably powerful such as a Warrior wearing CC in godlands.
At 85 def instead of 65, this warrior could be hit by Ghost gods, Medusas, Beholders, White Demons, and other enemies without entering combat, thus maintaining the def bonus and their out of combat benefits.

My original thought process was comparing CC to ceramic, such that it’s effective against a single blow. I definitely do believe that more items should interact with the combat system (Even though I don’t have anything to show for that.); however I find the def stat wouldn’t be the right approach due to the mechanics of it all.


image ‎‎‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎Doom Bow

Damage: 400 - 500 (average: 450)
On Ability Use: Your next shot will deal 800-900 damage and will curse enemies hit for 4 seconds.
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Doom Bow lost its identity as a good DPS bow when compared to others such as Leaf or Resplendent, so it’s time to make it a swapout.