Dynamic Items (Updated 6/26/21)


I haven’t really considered weapons when thinking about dynamic items, but maybe I should.

It’s funny you brought up Doom Bow as an example though, I read its description and I think it’s the perfect item to work with the combat system:
“No mortal can fire this dreaded bow without resting in between shots. It requires tremendous skill to wield.”

I would personally make this weapon do more damage straight up, but reduce the dex stat by a considerable amount while in combat. (I thought about it triggering combat instead, but that seems way too harsh)

I also like the idea of giving weapon shots the ability to apply status effects under certain circumstances, but I think it may be stepping on toes at that point. Though if I were to do it, I’d probably choose a wand to curse instead of a bow for thematic purposes.


My idea of buffing DBow:
UT and ST items Buff - Ideas - Forum | RealmEye.com


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