Early Game heavy armor UT


Hi everyone. Im a huge fan of PPE´s and UPE´s but I always thought how odd it is that there are no melee low tier easy to get UTs so I created an armor for melees and the sprite idea comes from the ancient ruins helmet.

The Name: Ancient Armor

This long forgotten Armor once was shining Gold with a yellow gem that gave it its power. But now being long forgotten and never worn, it became much weaker and the gem almost lost all its power.


  • Tier: UT
  • Duration: 4 seconds
  • Cooldown: 1 second
  • Stat Bonus: +16 def +3 spd
  • Reactive Proc: When this Item is used with the “Sandstone Seal” or “Amber Encrusted Helmet” gain +10 vit on ability use
  • XP Bonus: 4%
  • Feed Power: 350

Drops From:

  • Sandstone Titan
  • Genie
  • Standard Quest Chest

More info

I hope deca could take something like this in consideration to add. I will also design and bring out a ring that will have a reactive proc with the sword “Arcane Rapier”. There really needs to be a early game UT for all weapons.


I agree that there should definitely be some sort of early game UT heavy armor…but this one ain’t quite it. Ancient Ruins already has plenty of drops, and this is quite a strong armor given its stat bonuses - basically a sliiightly weaker Zaarvox’ Heart, which drops from LoD.

Additionally, items relying on other items for a proc is something that I believe should be left to STs, since those are already meant to be worn together. (the fact that stat boosts are kind of :crab: in terms of the way they react to eachother is also a hindrance; with the Sandstone Seal, you’d actually get only +20 vit, because the second boost is halved)

The lore is also rather similar to the Resurrected Warrior’s Armor, so there’s…well…that.
Something with a trade-off similar to how Snake Skin Armor sacs some dex and defense, compared to T8?

Though there’s also the issue with Heavy Armors making a huge jump from 15 to 20 defense between T8 and T9…


:eyes: @ Beisa & gemsbok set

Sure these aren’t like 100% REQUIRING the other pieces of the set to function, but it’s basically needed to effectively use them. It bothers me


Monocle can be work in conjunction with other items and turncoat is not required for it. Turncoat isn’t even that good of an item outside rushing. Also Ghost rum can trigger invis as well.

Ballistic star is not a good item. Yes, shielding requires healing for the proc, but in high level play, you rarely not see a paladin or a priest in the group.

Also, I highly recommend using PDN for spritework.


PS for the win


buying or subscribing to adobe photoshop for pixelart is an extremely brainless move.

Using photoshop for anything other than advanced image editing is a brainless move.


I have an online photoshop. https://photopea.com it’s exactly the same but with less really advanced features you use once in a lifetime. If you know the tools well its the best.


i just use PDN for pixel related shit and simple image editing.
For other things I have a lifetime license for CSP EX


PDN? What is that?


I use a really old programm meant for pixel art. Also shared the wrong image


Wrong balastic star is actually good, sure not a great item but I’d put it on the same tier as divinity honestly


what is cpx. The best thing for pixel art is asesprite




Why what? Why would I put it on the same tier as divinity? Or why would I say its a good item?


Both, if you don’t mind elaborating. :slight_smile:


Divinity is very situational and as a drop from the hardest boss in the game himself you would expect a bit more no? Its only good in shatters/LH clearing and nest clearing. Divinity is simply good at AOE/High def/Low movment to Stationary targets. Compared to a simple tiered sword divinity falls off by quite alot. However, when divinity is useful its the best sword by light years.

Star similar to divinity is a very situational item. In terms of dps, it falls off compared to items like kageboshi. On top of that, you need to be sitting on the enemy to reach stars full potential. However in terms of utility I find star to be a lot better than people make out. Sure a knight can stun at the same rate with a t6 shield but star finds its biggest use outside of exalt dungeons and solo play. At what it does star is an incredible swapout similar to divinity however for general use star is horrible similar to divinity.

Maybe I was exaggerating when I said it was the same tier as divinity but it sure as hell aint as bad as people make out.


Yeah ballistic is really powerful, just need to learn how to use it. It is great for clearing out rooms in fungals, you drag everything into your field of stars and they just get wiped or atleast all stunned so you can easily kill them. It is great.

Crazy to think that kageboshi is a proper DPS item, how does it compare to Kunai? Better to run Kunai or Kageboshi?


Post buffs? Kageboshi is so disgustingly OP its not even funny. Kunai is only better if you’re petless with an inability to dodge. Kage outdamages kunai is easier to land is easier to control is easier to use and overall a much smoother item than kunai.


Woah, sounds great! I quit playing ninja after enforcer got nerfed since my warrior basically out performed it in everyway, but I’m looking forward to throw out some damage nukes with ninja. Having to get close with Kage will make using Enforcer feel a lot more natural too. Actually excited to start playing my ninja again

EDIT: Did some analysis on Haizor

Samurai is really solid. Check out how tight the damage is compared to ninja:

I knew samurai was good, but it legit does the same DPS as ninja when you factor in ability damage. With gemstone I’m sure samurai will out DPS ninja, the mana efficiency is crazy on T7/watarimono.

Factoring in Damaging/Berserk/Curse though, Kunai will outperform by a big margin

So I still think that Kunai is the best, but Kageboshi is a great craftable alternative and may perform better in situations where you need burst damage/clearing potential. (If you are rocking Centaur’s Shielding then Kage is absolutely 100% better. A pure DPS set would prefer Kageboshi over Kunai)

Note that these calculations are done with a 90Mheal pet With a maxed divine Kage actually has the same relationship with Kunai as the previous graph. This also assumes that you are dodging and not going into combat since that would kill your MP regen

Really happy with the Kageboshi buff, there are some interesting trade offs and there isn’t just one “best” set anymore. + Kageboshi is easily craftable so you don’t have to grind 100 fungals to get a good ninja set. Hyped to play ninja again


Yea ninja is a really fun class to play on and honestly I know a lot of people say ninja is a worse warrior but I disagree for the most part but thats just my opinion im heavily biased as my favourite class is samurai so katanas just feel so much more natural.