Early Game heavy armor UT


Doesn’t stop me from completing my God Samurai set.


what’s the set


O3 items, namely: Enforcer, T7 Waki, Gladiator Guard and Divine Coronation.


Use cranium instead of coro on samurai also I would strongly strongly advise having vblade as a swapout


Problem with kunai is you cant control when you want to shoot and you cant shoot during staggered phases so even though the dps may be greater the practicality of kunai is a lot lower.
Also I do wanna point out that landing all shots w t7 waki is a huge pain unless your fighting a boss with a large hit box. However, despite it not exposing watarimono is super broken. 3K dmg for 80 mana and its really easy to hit


Vblade is disgusting, use a Kusanagi instead.

Also cranium seems to make sense since you’re going to get hit a lot, but coro’s 55 MP helps spam wakis, which is the only reason to use samurai.


No vblade is OP swapout for top dmg o3 never did I say main it I said its a swapout lol

Also cranium is the superior ring on melees sorry


nah Coro is the superior ring i dont give a fuck what arguments you make, the burger king crown is the absolute most fucking best item in the entire fucking game


Not on melees lol cranium is super broken on melees


its super broken on u cause u cant dodge


No cranium is just generally the best ring for melees lol.

For the sake of the 5 extra dex you get from coro, cranium does an extra 600 dps if you time it correctly and its a ranged dps w autoaim so in phases like fate/gaze/melts you can still be dealing dmg. Also the survivability on cranium is insane.

If you still don’t believe me I’ll do solo o3 on samurai w coro and cranium when I get back from vacation and see which one is faster <3


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