Early monster spawning in malogia


If the only monster left in a wave if malogia is one of the purple mike wazowskis, the next wave will still spawn. I haven’t tested whether it works for both big and small, or for 2 different purple spawns, but it definitely happens for big purples. Make sure ur not sitting right under the ufo in case this happens, you could be caught by surprise

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Just for that you’re getting my like~ :smile:

Never had that happen, cuz I usually take out the purple potatoes first before dealing with the others. I’ll try that out later and see whether monsters actually spawn early if they’re left last, because that would mean they aren’t counted towards wave spawning.


I tested it out, and yea, for some reason, you don’t have to kill El Macho’s big minions to proceed. Certainly a bug, not too major, but it can be an issue if someone decides to kill the purple peanuts last


Thanks for the report!


Np! Its great to see you guys watching realmeye and not just reddit and I hope you keep it up in the future


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