Easiest way to get new alien tokens?


Hello. I was wondering what the best way to farm the new alien tokens was. Thank you!




Is USS still the popping server?


usmw2 ( my home ) as of now, and for like the past month as well.


Cool, thank you so much!


You’ll usually know which servers are popping keys because it will say crowded, not always though. ( Exclude USWest3 )


honestly you shouldnt worry about tokens too much.
i ended today with 7 stacks. (<8 hours of playtime)
4x 3 stack (per core) = 12
6 stack (reactor)
4 stack (knight skin)
3 stack (pet skin)
25 total stacks for everything, and even less if you get cores or the reactor as a drop.
If 25/7= a bit over 3 days. 10 days in the event (play a third of my playtime per day and you should be fine)

or maybe im just grinding too much, but honestly I don’t think so


you assume everyone had the time to grind 8 hrs


“(play a third of my playtime per day and you should be fine)”

How so?


I reckon quiet, low playercount realms can be quite fruitful if you’re not one for brainless keypops that may end up failing due to the time limit.


I played an hour and I only got ten tokens, so I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will get the pet skin and that’s it, was hoping to get enough for a pet skin and a weapon cache


You sit in a discord with an event dungeon section, way faster.


and since everyone is doing the same thing hunt servers for alans while you wait


Just check what servers are crowded, but normally use, eue, usw and usmw2 are popping servers.


EUWest too


Oh wow doing discords today i got 22 in 45 minutes. As well as 4 whites! Technically 24 but time limit hit before i could pick up last tokens…


oh yeah, I forgot. scout out dead servers, there are often just realms with a ton of portals - those are amazing if you just call guildies over and bring a trickster