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you can never have too much mp on paladin…

wait… how do you play paladin?


The normal way?


but like… when your low on hp, you press the spacebar, from the sound of it, you press it to keep up the healing/dmging/max hp buff going but dont seem to use it to actually heal.


Pally’s ability can’t be spammed like priest; it’s more similar to a warrior buff in that you use it, wait until the bonuses wear off and then use it again. Once you reach level 70 mheal, any additional leveling/mana is useless.


Actually, that’s incorrect. A side effect of the hp buff is that when you use it, it effectively heals you by that amount, even if you are already under the buff.
So using your seal can heal you for more than a 100 hp for each extra use. That’s a big part of why paladins can rush sewers more effectively than most classes.


Oh, I was under the impression that you couldn’t spam-heal. Huh. You learn something new every day!


The healing is why when you use a paladin seal at full hp, you don’t have to heal up to yur new boosted hp. It automatically healed you that much.


I knew it healed up to your max when you pressed it, but I thought that once you had the boosted hp, you had to wait until it went back down to normal before you could get the heal again. It’s been a while since I last played pally.


literally that is the ability that makes paladin one of the best classes without it, it would drop like an insane amount.

honestly im surprised you’ve went that long without knowing that…


I have mad ignorance skillz. None can match me.


Except when I did it to my mom that long, then checked while a commander was in my paladin’s butt.


WrOnG, I spam it and keep a perma buff going. I use the prot for priest as I do Jugg on warrior because it costs a lot more MP.


Yes, and if you look at the comments directly following that one, you will see that that was already addressed.


I’m well aware, I like to throw in my two cents, just like everyone else. Am I not allowed to?


You are allowed to, certainly… it just seemed odd that you would repeat something someone else had just said.


What happened to your mseal? :thinking:


No one said what I said, nevertheless, I’m sorry if it bothered you, I know it would’ve bothered me. I hope you don’t take away hard feelings. <3


Nah man, you’re good. Looking back on it, I snapped at you a little too hard, and could (and should) have been a bit kinder in my reply. Sorry about that.


All is well <3 :]


Where’s the dislike button? Sigh :pensive:.