Ecookied Ppe Thread


Can confirm.


How did you get white star xd




Lost halls


Na. Only did that for mystic.







It just doesnt work for me.


i got 2 rays back to back yesterday. like literally, i was realm clearing with lh events the other day, and a rock dragon spawned. One of the EO’s was like “honest to god, i could do with a ray katana right now.” Of course, he got flamed in the chat for that, and then I actually got a ray katana. I was pretty happy, I do think ray is pretty fun, especially on low def (which is me like all the time, check my graveyard if u dont believe me,) and I hadn’t had one for a while.

The very next realm, a rock dragon spawned, and what do i get? another ray katana.

And later that night, running alien dungeons, again with lh events, I was looking for dueling daggers, I got a white bag… another f***ing ray katana.

Deca, it was cool the first time. 3 is excessive


That’s how I feel. I’ve gotten about 8 of them. 3-4 normal rays and 4-5 alien rays. So I’m just not too excited about them anymore.