Efficient pot farming in glands dungeons


What are the best dungeons to do when farming dungeons in glands to trade for glife? I can clear every single dungeon, but I can’t rush things like abyss or sew. Should I try to do abysses, sews, pup, etc. solo if I have to clear every single room? Or should I just stick to doing only snake, sprite, and udl to trade for glife?


You should always call out any dungeon to make it faster, but don’t wait for 10 or more people to go in, just give a countdown, and enter fast. Glife currently is about 7 rainbows.


For a sec I thought you are asking how to farm pot from gods themselves, not the dungeons.


If you can’t rush well just make a rogue. with your pet you should be able to perma cloak if you stay out of combat. Rogue has good speed and has enough damage to kill gland dungeons pretty quickly making it a good farming class. Rogue is also the safest rushing class since most enemies won’t be shooting.


Abysses UDLs and lib

People hate farming vit and wis. Recently sold 8 vit for 12 GL.


Yep, can confirm. Now with the library event (and soon to be abyss event) they might decrease in value. Still worth it though. Especially udls, very easy to rush.


Ah forgot about the event


WTH UDL is EZ to spam. It’s Abby the issue here.


You don’t need to rush. As long as you can stay alive - it’s enough.

Yeah, stick to them. They are very easy to do and you farm a lot of life in a short time. I personally maxed my life in a matter of 1-2 hours by just running udls.

Good luck.


Also, one thing I’ve found is that on rogue (like others have said) the new sewers is extremely easy to rush. I’ve never successfully rushed an abyss myself because I always get screwed over by the lava, so I can’t help you there :sweat_smile:


A warrior with acropolis armor and some health ring is good enough, you should take a break in a room clearing an enemy if you’re in trouble.


I tried to rush Abby with a max Defence build Jugg before. I had to yeet myself to Nexus on 56 HP. Seems like you need mix of Defence and HP to rush Abby.


Speed, good heal and mheal pet, max wis for bonus speedy


efficient? farm sprite worlds with dps trickster and electric pet.

abyss go warrior. watch some videos of people rushing to learn it, it’s much easier with large rooms. essentially you want to kite them into corners then speedy out.

sews and pup i find more tedious and longer, it’s best to call those and get a few people.


Pup is super easy with a rogue. Just wait in the hallways for your cloak to come back if your are sketched out.
Sew is fairly easy with a rogue, but make sure you learn which shots silence/quiet you and avoid those at all cost.
Abyss post-rework can be rushed by any class, just keep shooting behind you and don’t walk on top of enemies.

Trickster is the fastest and most efficient, but also by far the hardest… I think it is super fun to try, but tbh I end up losing more pots from maxing one than I gain from playing one :pleading_face:


cems for speed: esily soloable, libs for WIS/VIT: easy to rush, and has good whites/ a second boss that gives attack, WLAB for ATT: give gATT, along with giving gVIT and good whites. easy to do and there are usually people in there. SEW for DEF: very easy to rush and easy dungeon, CULTS/ biesa, luke or gems for life/mana: easy, give good amount of pots.


Leucoryx counter sure as frick isn’t easy


i recommend nest for life. it can be tough at first but once you master it it’s just sooooo easy and consistent. same can be said for cults, public sentry runs are very viably now and you can just leech behind pillars after getting sb on malus.

also @DeeBomb i found leuc counter easy the first time i did it but wrote it off as a fluke, only to discover i could do it every time this testing. overhyped maybe? idk definitely not harder than dammah counter, no decoy gems etc


Dammah counter is knives right? Idk that one seemed easy to me, but leuc counter always kills a lot of people


One thing I learned from farming snakepits is when you seek out the Trooms, sometimes you get so much pots. I remember cashing out of a snakepit with 4 spd back when it was worth 1 life, was laughing so hard. However you risk getting only 1.

For getting lots of speed consistently, I’d recommend cemeteries. Bunch of spd and other pots along the way, though this might get boring after awhile, as each cemetery is the same as the previous ones and the ones after. Still, that last bit depends on the person.


Guys, the OP asked for dungeons that drop in the godlands, not those from event bosses or oryx’s castle.