Efficient pot farming in glands dungeons


The only reason I said leucoryx was because sansisgood said it was easy


did you pay attention?


Did you read my post? I addressed the fact that he said that and explained my reasoning for responding to the other posters who brought up the topics. How was this hard to understand?


Its okay Dee, its just that I saw no one calling out the fact that OP probably wont adventure there for awhile and that it wasnt what was asked, thats all.


luke counters are easy if u dodge xd high damage is no damage if you dodge =)


ok for glands, do libs for ez wis/vit, sneks or cems for speed, nothing for life (tombs?), ots for mana, wlabs for that sweet sweet attack, cdepts/sew for def, and i think thats it.


in theory you could grind wlabs for life, and i find cd to be one of the better/easier sources of mana. also tombs/ot are not glands dungeons, but yea tomb is a good life source for non-discord users if there is a rusher (just play rogue and rushes are pretty easy, but fuck tomb rushing on any other)


srry i forgot cd/wlab dropped life im stoopid xd


I’m going to have to recommend you to farm UDLs. A lot of endgame players who get a lot of life, transfer it to glife, or just get the glife itself, are way too pained to farm UDL. In your case, it seems like you can rush UDLs pretty efficiently, so in my opinion, it’s the perfect dungeon for you.