Egg Drop from Pirate Cave and Forest Maze


Is it possible to get an egg from Pirate Cave and Forest Maze? Wiki states there is an egg in drop list, and I’ve been running hundreds of those dungeons, and never ever got an egg. Is this information true or false?


I dont think it is possible, but the wiki is usually right


forest maze drops an egg I have gotten one


I have never seen one drop in either dungeon but I do not run enough to say either way. If I had to guess, they would probably be as rare as a white bag drop from other dungeons. Thus, I would say keep trying and let us know if you ever get one.

On the other hand if you need some eggs let me know, I am happy to give you some. Right now I have 8 uncommon just taking up space in my vault. Usually I have a few on me to give to newer players when I see them in a realm, but am more than happy to unload them all to you.


The godlands usually yield some nice egg drops.


I’ve gotten an egg from the forest maze myself, and there’s a screenshot somewhere on r/rotmg of a pet bag in a pirate cave with a pet egg in it.


I might just run a ton of these just to figure it out

I want to see for myself the chances of yielding a glorious pet egg from the meager Pirate Cave





Oh my, this is so generous of you! I’d gladly accept and take care of these pets :3


Let me know when you are on, I have been trying you all morning and afternoon but you are not online. Or just send me a message via realmeye and I will be happy to give all 8 to you.


Yeah, sorry for the delay, I was out of the city for the weekends :3


I can confirm forest maze does


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