ELDER REALMS: An Endgame Idea by Puffagod



I wonder if you’ve heard of Elder Realms?
This is my take on the concept - a passion project, if you will C:

Enter the ELDER REALM - now with a TRUE FINAL BOSS!

Please don’t try to read the whole thing in one go (it ain’t worth it…)

But comments and critiques are massively appreciated!

Puffagod <3

Oryx's Paracosm: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod
IMPORTANT: Best of the Best nominations [finished]
IMPORTANT: Best of the Best nominations [finished]
IMPORTANT: Best of the Best nominations [finished]
IMPORTANT: Best of the Best nominations [finished]

623 pages? x-x

This might take a while to look through…


Holy Fuckoly


challenge accepted!


managed to look through the “open water section”. I think im going to take a break here XD for a bit… A few comments so far on the idea: Firstly, excellent sprites (ofc.) i tried to pick favorites, but i couldnt.

However, im slightly confused by two affects: hobbled and bloodbath. For hobbled, do I get it continuously when moving, or just when i change my direction of movement? and for bloodbath, If im reading this right, a player who gets hit by a bullet with this debuff emits an AOE burst that damages other players in a three tile radius? this would also affect himself, so he would take about 150% damage from projectiles?


Hey! C:
Many thanks for your thoughts & I’m more than happy to clarify –

‘Hobbled’ only inflicts damage when you change your direction of movement - when you actually press ‘w’, ‘a’, ‘s’, or ‘d’… if you’re good with screen rotation (and are moving when you get it) you can entirerly negate its effects.

You’re totally correct with how ‘Bloodbath’ works - but the afflicted player does NOT receive the extra 50% damage themselves… that would be mean, even for Elder Realms! And probably impossible to code, but practicality was never my concern in this project I’m afraid… ‘Bloodbath’ only really shows up in the Godlands and a few as-yet-unpublished boss battles, so it isn’t too prevalent anyway.

The sprites in the early part of the document were literally made years ago - I think (maybe) they improve slightly as it goes! Hope that helped & you enjoy the rest of it :slight_smile:


We bullied Urgle too much and he called on his big brother Gurgle, Lord help us.


You know, when I made Sky Sanctuary. I was pretty proud of the fact that I had made what was at the time the largest dungeon document the forums had ever seen. But this? I hope you like that title, Puffagod. Cause nobody’s ever going to take it from you.

I am going to do my best to try and read this entire thing over the course of however many months it may take. So I’ll very likely post my feedback in sections corresponding to the document as I go along.

I still cannot believe that this is something you actually did, though. And to think it’s not even finished. The fact that you could do something like this as a passion project is quite frankly unbelievable. Honestly, thank you for all your crazy dungeon documents, Puffa. If you ever finish this crazy thing, I do look forward to it. Otherwise, its been a crazy ride with you, and thank you.


Well… there’s quite a bit to entertain yourself with before then xD

And thank you for your kind words… it has truly been a pleasure C:

Very much looking forwards to the feedback!


How many pages will your next concept have – 2,000?


I’m afraid I no longer have the same interest in these sorts of things as I did back when I was making my own, so I don’t have the energy to force myself to read the whole thing. but then again, 600+ pages? what the hell did you put in there? I’ll have to read whatever of it I can, though idk if I’ll ever get through to the end.

it’s nice to see you again though :3


I can’t blame you at all! I myself am a firm believer in the powers of scroll-wheel bibliomancy when it comes to such things…

Thanks for stopping by & lovely to see you too! C:


I actually read the whole thing, and I just have to say, I loved it. I honestly hope this goes the same way as the lost halls. (not having the sprites lightened severally, but becoming a really thing.)


Urgle deserves to be bullied for preying on pets


A little suggestion for Lethargy status effect… projectile lifetime should probably increase by 100% to maintain the range.


Just work for Deca smh


Yesterday, I read up to woodlands, so i decided to take a break from reading and do it piece by piece. (contrary to my first post). Im not going to talk about bullet damage, because its very hard to get a feel for the actual fight and difficulty from them.

Do you think the map will be big enough? I couldn’t find the tile size of the current realm, and i know the elder realm is intended to be larger, but at the same time, just from reading the ocean layer, the biomes seem huge! Although, this im only including as a minor point because maps and map sized can just be shuffled around a bit.

Can monoliths be destroyed btw? i see thet have high defense and high hp, but they dont seem to heal. Im assuming “striking” means hitting it, although the description says “touching”, which sort of implies getting close to it.

Consumables: I really like adding a variety of consumables in to keep things interesting, however, there are a few things that i dislike about them:

  1. varied power difference. Primarily, im looking at the blue coral juice and primordial ooze. Ooze literally functions as a worse mp pot- it does the same mp regeneration, takes inventory space and also applies a debuff? Surely having it do 200mp or 300mp, or perhaps 50 mp every second over x seconds would be more appropriate, so it at least has some good features as well as bad?
    Also, i think a potion doing water walking for 90 seconds is a bit overpowered when compared to abilites that do it for 4.5 seconds. I suppose it really depends on how rare it will be to get. If its quite rare, its not too much of an issue, but if its slightly more common, I think it negates too much of the affects of water and also renders the UTs with water walk less useful.

  2. Different use in the normal realm and elder realm. currently these only apply to the elder scrip and ancient sry. If you have to nerf it in a dungeon or realm, then that probably means its too powerful in an elder realm, especially since both the ancient scry and elder scrip do nothing in a normal realm (15 range seems to be approxiately your normal range? give or take a few tiles). Sure, the ancient scry would be excellent in pathfinding in dungeons, but it is a rare drop, so maybe its use should be allowed? For the elder scrip, my idea would be that elder scrips can only hold consumables (or maybe even consumables minus pots, hence buff and healing items only). This way, you are allowed more swapouts, but then it affects the normal realms less because it cannot just be used to horde more items.

Also, I’d suggest calling lil gurgle pet skin, rather than pet stone. Aren’t pet stones now the inventory pets that spawn themselves on use? (looking at the pet rock / first pet stone).

Right, the rest of this is about gurgle. I can’t tell if you seriously have half a mind to cut it out, or if you are simply venting a disgust for urglekind. Regardless, i sort of found the gurgle’s trap system to be underwhelming. I mean, the trap is the most well known weapon of the urgle, so i sort of felt that the gurgle needed a better, improved trap system. I know it has slightly different diagonals, but that doesnt seem much to me.
While thinking about this i came up with three solutions, but multiple could be done at once. I dont know for sure how many trap elements the urgle has active at once. I’m assuming the normal urgle does twelve, forming the verticies of three squares with different side length.
The simplest would be to have a different, more complicated geometric pattern with more overlaps. The gurgle could have twelve, lets say, but with one hexagon pattern and two trangles, or four triangles, or something In fact, due to the current way the urgle spawns traps, the traps don’t even meet at the verticies and you can walk right through it.
my second idea for it would be to have the traps to something like slowly rotate. For example, the outside square rotates clockwise slowly, the middle square rotates anticlockwise, and the inner square rotates clockwise, but slightly faster. This just something fancy to help differentiate it from the normal urgle.
Finally, this isnt much of a change to the traps, but more of the gurgle behavorial difference. Lore-wise, the urgle (and hence, gurgle), is a hunter that preys on weak animals (even before the realm eye’s description, it is sort of implies as it uses traps, and what else uses traps but hunters?). This is the basic idea: the gurgle is stationary and invisible, before players come in a certain range. Once in range, the gurgle fires its trap system around the player rather than itself. It then slowly moves towards the centre of the trap configuration, while attacking. Anyway, I will talk more about the elder realm once ive read more about it.


Awesome!! Thank you so much for the praise! I’m curious - did you have a favourite biome or even enemy? :3

You are absolutely right to notice - I put 50% by mistake. Many thanks!

I have no idea! It should certainly feel a bit bigger because teleporting is much harder to accomplish… and I suppose the Ocean is quite large. The bigger the better in my opinion, but I don’t want to put people off, or have too much dead space :3

Absolutely, they can indeed be griefed… I suppose I was thinking that it requires a bit more in-cult co-ordination to use them sparingly and not just go ham. It also means that that the extremely powerful ‘att’ and ‘def’ monoliths are a finite resource that can’t theoretically be exploited infinitely… but then again they do have very high health.

I’m glad you liked the idea! :smiley: But I will be level with you - many consumables are simply there for flavour, like Blue Coral Juice. I was toying with the idea of making them all only consumable in the Elder Realm… but I went against it, and the ones you have pointed out are the vestiges of that concept. I don’t think that everything HAS to be useful… which I suppose could tie in with your water walking argument - the abilities, at least, have it reliably?

I totally disagree with your analysis of Primordial Ooze, however, because Darkness is actually a very powerful buff - making all entities and projectiles despawn around that small area of light around you. It was powerful enough to be removed from early drafts of the Cloak of Bloody Surprises. Sure, it CAN be a detriment - but it can also literally enable you to saunter through a seething mass of murderous foes by removing them from existence for 3.5 seconds. That was my logic there!

Love it C:

Back when I was writing this, all pet skins were called pet stones! It is an artefact of the document’s textual history… I will probably change it :slight_smile:

Yes! I love your ideas - especially the first one C: I’m actually rather surprised the Gurgle is such a point of discourse! BUT you must recall that difficulty is an issue. The Gurgle spawns in Open Water and the Rivers - you could theoretically spawn on the Beach within range of two Gurgles (heaven forbid). I chose to keep what is essentially the Urgle’s pattern of trap elements because it would be more workable - more familiar - in such scenarios.

The rhythm of the fight is very different with the Gurgle… the point being, you have to actively clear out the Trap Elements so that you have room to maneuver when the Gurgle divides into more mobile chunks. Let us not forget that, in the midst of all this, you are dealing with an Aqua Bomb - a sort of mobile Trap Element. You are right that the Urgle’s trap system is its most well known weapon - which is, perhaps paradoxically, why I sought to develop the enemy in an entirely different direction.

The Elder Realm completely disregards the so called ‘lore’ of the Realm Eye… if simply because I don’t like it. I think its quite banal to see an entity called ‘trap element’ and immediately decide that the eldritch abomination that summons it is some sort of hunter, for example, and I didn’t feel that the general parochialism and unimaginativeness of the canon lore had much place in this idea, which is sort of a closet-drama… not really meant to be performed. I would discourage trying to fit the Elder Realm’s flavour texts and enemies nicely in such a system!

Thank you so much for your in-depth comment, it is immensely constructive and I shall be sure to update the doc with some of your ideas soon! Looking forwards to any more thoughts you might have! :smiley:


Wow, i never thought of it being used like that. It certainly isnt what one would expect from it. I think I’m going to look at this in the mountain temple sometime. Thank you for explaining that.


Hate to break it to ya, but…