ELDER REALMS: An Endgame Idea by Puffagod


Thank you! C: This doc is really just a passion project - best to think of it as a mixed media story, and not entirely as a serious ‘please add this’ idea!

And as for making my own game… maybe one day :3


So, questions for you @Puffagod what do you use to illustrate the fabulous drawings? Also what size is the paper? (just wondering as that might make it even more impressive)


Aha, glad you like them! C: I generally try to draw with 0.05 staedler pigment liners, or 0.05 sakura microns. I use a sharpie for the black areas, and just any old colouring pencils I have lying around for the colouring-in… but I always try to fix the colours and black point in photoshop afterwards!

As for the paper, the answer is whatever I can get really! I love to draw on 160g A3 if i have any spare. Out of the drawings I have done for Elder Realms, the ARCHETYPE was A3, SPIRIT was a little less than A3, HALEK was A4, and the Gurgle was a doodle in my A5 notebook… so they’ve been getting larger!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hell yeah! Made a REALMEYE account just to say that again i love this! All the areas have their distinct personalities, even has some bit of humor into it, which i enjoy. (i love the roach enemy) sometimes i randomly pull this out of my drive to read again because its a nice read that revitalizes my imagination. From a weird guy who is obssessed with unique game mechanics, Thanks for making this!


Hell yeah indeed!! Thanks so much matey - and i’m so glad that my attempts at humour came through! From one slightly weird and obsessive fellow to another - it means a lot that you found it enjoyable! many many thanks for reading :slight_smile:


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Is Puffagod still working on this?


Heya! Sorry for the relative silence :3

I’ve had to put the project on ice for a while since I’ve been very busy with university. Furthermore, the RotMG pixel art maker I have been using to make sprites for this project has been permanently disabled and I haven’t had time to research an alternative tool or program to keep making them…

I am also currently writing my first book, a collection of weird fiction short stories with an ecological slant, so most of my creative efforts have been funnelled into that (stay tuned!! :3)

Once the book and my degree are done I hope to slowly get back into Elder Realms and give it some much needed polish. This will hopefully involve:

  • Re-writing or editing nearly all of the lore entries for monsters (most of it is very rushed).
  • Balance changes (especially buffs to some of the Elder God drops)
  • The remaining dialogue for SPACE, TIME and DEATH.
  • World and Cult Event loot.
  • A ‘behind the scenes’ segment to explain some of the more peculiar references and intertextualities for hardcore Supplicants (depending on interest)
  • An illustration of ZARBIS and URUTHAGURUTHAG (so that all the Elder Gods have one).

While I did have some plans for a few more large scale updates to Elder Realms, those aren’t looking feasible at the moment (although I am happy to discuss them separately). This is after all a solo project, and motivation comes in waves, sometimes there are years between each peak and trough…

At the moment my long-term goal for Elder Realms is to adapt the document into a postmodern high-fantasy novel, told through (and about) game design, dramatising the unique awkwardness of my position as its creator, the hybridity of genre and form, the weaponisation of memory, monomania, outsider art, and other things…

So to answer your question – not at the moment. But I don’t think I’m quite done yet C:


I was aware of some of this already, but it’s a relief to hear that you haven’t entirely burned out yet! I was afraid to ask, quite honestly. I will bide my time, patient evermore.


i loved Elder Realms, but, compared to the average dungeon design thing… its too complicated for us monke brains. i think the lore goes too deep (for a dungeon design idea thing idk what its actually called), but as a novel, it seems perfect.


Perhaps it wasn’t intended for those with monke brains

Heaven forbid we have some decent lore in a game never intended to have such :frowning:
I mean, at least there isn’t a discrepancy that I’ve found to deem the current “lore” and this lore incompatible with each other yet.


As someone with a monke brain myself I sort of know what you mean…

Mark Z. Danielewski has a concept called ‘egalitarian fiction’, which is essentially fiction that rewards every level of reading depth. You could read Elder Realms as just a straighrforward bit of game design - I’ve tried to take the time to ensure it holds up. You could read Elder Realms for the story, which is deliberately a bit harder. You could even find substrata below that, which is even more tricky - but it’s meant to be fun and rewarding on all levels, no matter how intensely you choose to engage with it…

Elder Realms tests the limit of the ‘dungeon idea’ document to its breaking point. It’s 800 pages long! It was always meant to be more of a multimedia narrative than a serious idea; the reason for this being that I grew resigned to having my popular serious ideas officially ignored, but wanted to express my talents in an unignorable way. One of the main questions I tried to ask in the document was: where does game design become art in itself? It doesn’t always succeed in making its essentially literary nature obvious however - which is why I intend to adapt it into an experimental novel and tell the story in a slightly more refined way :slight_smile:

While this may be true, I feel like it is mostly because the document tries not to touch the current ‘lore’ with a nine-foot quill, leaving the potential for reconciliation open. That wasn’t my in any way my intent, I strongly dislike the ‘lore’ we have at the moment and Elder Realms’ steadfast refusal to engage with it is at its heart an expression of that dislike… although it is pretty cool to see the two come together in a sort of unholy chymical wedding :3


I know it was never your intent to marry the two plots together! I was constantly probing for potential loopholes to jab at the possibility of an inconsistency. There’s a couple of sketchy points with Oryx and recent descriptions of him, but nothing to truly clash. I’m mostly here prepared to combat that angle of “incompatibility” as necessary, be there some forlorn contender that would try to deem this as an impossible implementation for a reason such as that.


I was wondering, how were you feeling when you put out Oryx’s Paracosm?


Probably quite pleased to be honest! It looks a little juvenile in hindsight but for when I wrote it I have no doubt I was perfectly happy with it :slight_smile: this was back before UGC so there was still hope for no-names like myself to have something added to the game, never transpired but ah well so it goes.


Thus, Uruthaguruthag – the
immortal Elder God of Lower Space, consistently ‘fires’ Terrene Accretions as his
fathomless coils spill endlessly behind a heaving hellmouth. ‘Fires’ is perhaps the wrong
term, because he really inhalesthem – consuming the matter of reality in a whirling vortex
of death and renewal. These projectiles appear at a random point 6-12 tiles away from
his head and accelerate inwards where they vanish forever – making them devilishly

How is this fair, those bullets do 400 damage? Unless of course there is an indicator of where they appear beforehand.


May I remind you that these are ideas that are being put out onto a page to exist as a train of thought. Balancing takes place at a different time, if that is a pursuit. :wink:


This is supposes to be extremely end game. Void bullets do like 350, so not too different