ELDER REALMS: An Endgame Idea by Puffagod


@Gidey try it in shats instead, much more fun!! C:


oh, ok ill try. thanks


The sheer volume of this idea is amazing. Ngl this could be a whole new version of realm so much stuff is in this ;). Dk if I will ever get through everything but I love the sprites Im seeing and how much thought was put into this.


Think this idea is great! The sprites are also amazing, great work!


Holy Fuck, How do you keep doing this? Amazing, just amazing. this is what i comeback to after my forum hiatus. Guess I won’t be seeing the sun for a while lol. Youre like the DJKaktus of the Realmeye Community


Damn when I asked you in game about upcoming stuff and you said it was going to be big, I did not think that it would be this big



Obviously, the Shrek. But in all honesty, I’m really not sure, there was soo much to love in there, and so many hints, references, and secrets that I’m sure I missed.


… It did end up rather inter-textual, i agree… :sweat_smile:
And I’m so glad I ended up going with the Swamp - that biome was originally going to be the ‘Barrens’… But I split that idea up and used it to fortify the Mire, Desert & Mountains, which I think worked a lot better (though the Mountains are a tad limp).

If people would be interested, maybe after i finish up the final bosses, i’ll make a doc that explains some of the hints & intertextualities - a bit like the end of Sky Sanctuary, but (alas) much longer! C:


Id be interested in that.


honestly this is the coolest thing ive read in a long time, DECA, Please make this happen


Also the Yanshe is by far the best enemy, thank you for including


You wouldn’t believe it, but myself and a friend have spent over 8 years developing the lore and world of the Yanshe… I’ve published yanshe-themed art…

Maybe a future Yanshe themed dungeon? :thinking: But more likely an illustrated novel or something :smiley:


an entire game, similar to realm, but with various yanshes as the only sprite


You are a fellow after my own heart. When I update the Elder Realm next, I shall add a veritable cornucopia of Yanshes in your honour <3


G’day! This is just to mention that I’m working on incorporating immediate post-release suggestions, fixes and additions to Elder Realms… stay tuned for a small but perfectly formed update to the doc soon C:


Right, im back. It took a surprising amount of time to muster up the energy to start typing this, but anyway. I decided to try putting a few thoughts down on post again, after reading up to the rivers section.

  1. i noticed this last time but forgot to say, but some of the drops seem pretty random. Looking at the mutineer (page 134), it drops t2 swords, daggers and rings. I understand this might purely be for affect, but just thought id mention it in contrast with the t11 robes of the ur-flayer archwizard (despite the difficulty difference, this is quite a large drop difference, no?) Also, living throne can drop t6 skulls. (page 73) In the normal realms, t11 armour drops from the more difficult and rare of the dungeons, t6 abilities only drop from select few enemies, im not sure how i feel about having this rare a drop come from such enemies (although t5 is ok). Doing another small check, the normal beach pirate drops t2 weapons, and now the upgraded, elder mutineer drops specific ones. perhaps upper the tier to t5?

  2. those cannibal enemies… i thought the deep ones were bad but this is horrifying. these should just give the player sick whenever one comes up on the screen. I just wanted to express my disgust congratulate you for such monstrosities. (also why does the cannibal glutton look like a certain ugandan echidna i know of?) I’m not sure I would use either of those consumables they drop for the sake of my own sanity. On a slightly more serious note, should the flesh totem and its underlings be listed next to the cannibal king? or is it separated as such for a reason?

  3. This is more of just random babble. Im glad to see that you are still have introduced a lot of consumables in the woodlands too. Have I seen the lambton worm mentioned before in one of your ideas? I remember talking about how its body would look odd while moving downwards, but I don’t know where. One final thing i wanted to note; i really like all the quirky detail, like the fireflies having a glow affect rather than a shadow.

I think thats everything for now. I was going to post a small list of spelling mistakes but I can’t find them again. oh well.


@Puffagod I can’t find enough words to express how amazing the events/cults and their missions are. Mainly the cult even bosses’ backstory, names and sprites. That must’ve taken you so much time just for the sprites alone, but they’re simply too damn epic. I really liked the FACE OF THE PARADOX.


Hullo again! Many thanks for your continued commentary! :smiley: I’ll try my best to address some of these~

Yes you’re quite right, most of those drops are for flavour, the sorts of things you’d imagine the characters carrying on them. I don’t seriously expect someone in the Elder Realm to require a Ring of Vitality! The difficulty/drop rate banding could use some adjustment, sure… but I always liked the sensation of receiving a T4 Helm from an abyss brute, surely a generous reward for such an enemy. My predilection for attributing ‘random’ drops is really just an attempt to recapture this feeling of occasional surprise… I hope that addresses some of your points? As for the T6 skull… hm :3

… thank you :wink: I think the Deep Ones are worse… the Brood Maiden and her Tadpoles…

Yes, it is separated for a reason - it also spawns in the BLIGHT, so it wouldn’t make sense if it was tied to the Cannibals (who don’t) - and also the Cannibal Pot fulfils the ‘stationary support’ niche in that Family, so its inclusion would be superfluous.

This is also good! :smiley:

Ahh, Oryx’s Paracosm contained the Laidly Wyrm of Spindleston Heugh - as you can see, I like my twee folkloric dragons! The Lambton Worm is a callback - and yes, I’m afraid I never learn, it would still look odd moving downwards…

Thank you! That’s all this idea is, really. Do let me know if you find those spelling mistakes!

Thank you so much!! :smiley: There’s a lot more in the works for the Cults, the World, and their events: including proper flavour texts and drops and those sorts of things. Would you be interested in having the full behaviour of each boss listed or would that kill the mystique too much? Glad you liked the FACE OF THE PARADOX… another Oryx’s Paracosm callback there ;D

edit: p.s. first update tomorrow ^.^


Elder Realms Update 1: April 2020

(also should be linked in the post)

…Good morrow! C: I return, as fore-oracle’d, with a small update to Elder Realms! It should fix a few things, add a few things, and hopefully not derail those of you who are in the process of slogging through the original one! I’ve listed the changes below - pasted from the document itself.


  • Added page numbers!
  • Standardised some formatting – especially of EQUIPMENT loot…
  • Resolved some syntactical & spelling issues (a paltry number, without doubt)
  • Added ‘List of Subscribers’ section!
  • Added ‘Changelog’ section (how meta).


  • Filled in some table entries that were empty for some reason (mostly absent AoEs)
  • Added LODESTONE GOLEM and its minion ENERGY NUCLEUS to the BEACH [and
    other biomes]
    ELUCUBRATION to the SWAMP [and other biomes] – and its minions, the INKLING
    and the INK STAIN
  • Added RUINED EXTERMINATOR enemy to the RUINS
  • Added BATTLE YANSHE enemy to the MOUNTAINS
  • Added NO EYED MAN to the GLITCH


  • Added a World Activity for the REEFS – The Great Blueshell Clam!
  • Added a World Activity for the ANCIENT ISLAND – The Summoning Circle!
  • Added a World Activity for the DESERT ISLAND – The Treasure Hunt!
  • Added a World Activity for the BEACH – The Lodestone Golem!
  • Added a World Activity for the HEATH – The Foraging Cauldron!
  • Updated four particularly ugly floor tiles in the ANCIENT ISLAND
  • Fixed a formatting inconsistency – all floor tiles are now centre-aligned.
  • Added an excerpt from T.S. Eliot to the MOUNTAINS’ introductory text… I promise
    it’s relevant!


  • Added a new DESERT ISLAND consumable: Castaway’s Compass
  • Added a new REEF consumable: Black Pearl
  • Added a new HEATH consumable: Witch’s Brew
  • Added a new BEACH consumable: Lodestone Shard
  • Added a new UT RING for the OCEAN: No-Beard’s Lost Eye
  • Added 4 new UT RINGS for the Agalma Champions: Band of the SPACE Adherent,
    Band of the TIME Adherent, Band of the DEATH Adherent, and Band of the Parasite
  • Added various LORE TOMES: including Lore Tome: Enemy Name, Biome Lore
    Tome: Biome Name, Elder Lore Tome: Boss Name, and Inkhorn Terms.
  • Added Minor Potions of Health and Magic to MJ’s loot table.
  • Rebalanced the Nightprowl Trap. Now does not inflict Slowed for 4 seconds and
    Exposed for 1.75 seconds, but only Slowed for 5 seconds. However, against
    levitating enemies only, it inflicts 245 additional damage (making the total 600)
    and Exposed for 3 seconds. This gives it a bit more of a niche, and its description
    has been slightly altered to account for its new behaviour.
  • Increased the MP cost for Shield of the Core Titan by 20… it is still really strong
  • Reduced radius of Elder Theriac consumable (from 3 tiles -> 2)
  • Adjusted Elder Scrip – now can be accessed in all environments, but only stores
    consumable items.
  • Changed all ‘pet stones’ to ‘pet skins’.
  • Fixed a naming inconsistency – all ‘Dimensional Keys’ are now ‘Keys of Abhoroth’.
  • Fixed a formatting inconsistency with ‘equipment’.


  • Added ‘cult chat’ command for greater immersion and communication: /c
  • Added a fourth Agalma: the Agalma of Abhoroth
  • Added tile and environmental sprites for the Temenoi of the Agalmata


  • Added Sprites for MAELSTROM GOD CRONUS, APOSTATE OF SPACE’s minions:
    Geometragon of Cronus, Tower of Cronus, Atom of Cronus
  • Added Champions for the Fourth Agalma: Parallax of Abhoroth, Artefact of Abhoroth
  • Added numerous sprites for Cult Event and Event Boss setpiece tiles and


  • Added the Lectern of Lore – a system whereby the flavour texts and lore are
    integrated into the idea itself, rather than remaining unanchored in the document.
  • Added ‘Warding’ status effect - does not have a use just yet, but in time, in time…

I hope you are enjoying Elder Realms! I shall, of course, continue to work on it… very big things (and very OLD things) should be coming!

Puffagod <3


I’ve just read through the whole thing (although not too closely XD), and I’ve noticed there are no UT armors. Can you consider adding some? Thx