ELDER REALMS: An Endgame Idea by Puffagod


If that’s a doodle, I’d hate to know what’s a serious drawing…


in fairness it was an hour’s pretty dedicated doodle… i guess a more serious drawing would be larger in scale/complexity/compositional interest - but I’m pretty rusty at all that xP maybe i’ll give it a go later!


So what will you do after you finish this monstrosity of a design document, given that you made it pretty clear that this is the last one?


I almost forgot this thread was growing quiet; I’ve been on him with Discord, oops! :sweat_smile:


… finish my degree, hopefully, and then (with any luck) I’ll try my hand at writing, illustrating (and publishing) fiction… It would be good to move away from Realm honestly, although it’s been - and still is to some extent - a pretty fun time :slight_smile:


Do we get drafts to that fiction? ;3


I’ll probably be setting up a website with drafts & drawings and things at some point - i’ll be sure to link it here when I do! :slight_smile:


This time… SPIRIT, ETERNAL TERATOGENITOR, with a slight wardrobe change… enjoy! C:


That looks like a more dedicated doodle than last time!


I believe the hour is ripe for a brief progress update! The next addition to the Elder Realms document is well underway - although the main event is proving to be rather more complicated and time-consuming than I initially suspected (… and I thought HALEK had too many minions!)

Progress has been further delayed on account of DECA’s dungeon design competition - I reckoned I’d try and dance to their fiddle for once - but that has proven to be quite an ancillary divertissement, and I am now back on track with Elder Realms… my dear beloved!

I aim to finish the current update around the end of the month - but what with other projects and numerous other distractions, I shall have to see how that goes.

Many thanks again for the support :3


Lel; I just realized I didn’t “like” the main intro piece into now… how


No harm done!! :stuck_out_tongue:


:tada: Best of the Best now! :tada:


… hooray for that! The next update (which I am determined now to get out as soon as possible) shall serve as a celebration… I’ll try and make it a good one! :3


Including, perhaps, some of those recommended changes? :3


I can confirm that SPIRIT’s arena will be increased in size - that some of the more useless consumables will be buffed - and that there will be a massive helping of PARAGON lore… were there any others? xD

Unfortunately, larger changes - like filling in the Events system with more specifics and potential adjustments to the Event sequence progression - probably will not be a feature this time :3


Perfectly fine with me! I’m not even the one working on this project XD
I can afford to wait.


Elder Realms Update 3: July 2020

Enter the ELDER REALM - now with a TRUE FINAL BOSS!

… greetings dear readers and fellow time-squanderers! I have worked TIRELESSLY to get this update out much quicker than I had originally planned - to celebrate the Elder Realm’s ascent to the Best of the Best category! 70 more fat pages for you to skim (and hopefully not notice the numerous mistakes in) are completed!

Below are the patch notes - as always - extracted from the document:


  • Added a drawing of HALEK, Goddess-Empress of Metamorphosis!
  • Added a drawing of SPIRIT, Eternal Teratogenitor!
  • Fixed STILL MORE typos and minor formatting issues.
  • Filled some white space.
  • Updated the final vignette.


  • Added A PASSAGE TO NOWHERE to the HEATH and ALL BIOMES (along with its


  • Increased the size of SPIRIT’s arena, the NATAL DIMENSION, from 75 to 125 tiles
    in diameter. To accommodate the change, the Necromancer’s Wombs will now
    spawn 40-45 tiles away from the centre instead of 20 – with the added benefit of
    making enemies less likely to overlap, and subsequently making the fight fairer.
  • Added a new environmental realm for the TRUE FINAL BOSS: THE TELESTERION.


  • Added a new UT LUTE to drop from the Wandering Bard: Elder Theorbo
  • Buffed the Canopic Cocktail consumable – now has a duration of 4 seconds (from
    2.5)… thanks XBookwyrmX!
  • Buffed the Ancient Scry consumable. Instead of revealing a circle of 50 tiles in the
    Elder Realm and 15 in the normal game, now it reveals 75 tiles everywhere and
    also highlights certain Elder Realm points of interest for 10 seconds on the
  • Added a new UT sword to the TELESTERION
  • Added a new UT dagger to the TELESTERION
  • Added a new UT wand to the TELESTERION
  • Added a new UT bow to the TELESTERION
  • Added a new UT staff to the TELESTERION
  • Added a new UT katana to the TELESTERION
  • Added a new consumable for the TELESTERION.


  • Added behaviour details for 3 Agalma Champions… in a roundabout way…


  • Added THE TRUE FINAL BOSS of the Elder Realm…

And there you have it. I hope you enjoy this latest offering (and completion of the Elder Realm’s core loop!) I will probably be taking a break from this idea now but I’ll still be checking this thread for comments and critiques as always! C:

All the best,
Puffagod <3


I was wondering what your final decision on that was going to be


Yes! Still subject to adjustment though - I think maybe 75 tiles might be a bit too many in the normal realm (or really in dungeons)… ah well xD