ELDER REALMS: An Endgame Idea by Puffagod


This is genius


i think its mostly just chonky but many thanks xD <3


It’s chonky genius


… apologies for the absurd compression on this one… but hope you enjoy it anyhow! C:


What am I looking at?


a very fanciful rendition of the true final boss :sweat_smile:


The 16* 16 sprite doesn’t do this boss justice



that’s it


i realise this is true… hence the illustration? C:

Hahaha I doubt it… and I might as well state that I probably won’t bother rebalancing Elder Realms when that change goes live - don’t think its worth it… and they’re ELDER realms after all!


It’s just that I never imagined that the archetype would look like that, it took me by surprise I suppose.

Btw, what are those 3 minions around him?


Aha - how did you imagine him? My interpretation is by no means final or even canonical - indeed, to insist otherwise, would doom me to the same hamartia as the ARCHETYPE himself…

The minions are ARCHONS, hastily congealed into being out of protomorphic pixel-plasm :slight_smile:


Well, I thought he had smoother armour.


Ahh, that makes sense… in attempting to convey the mercurial nature of his form - the curve’s conflict with the corner, the organic with the inorganic - i ended up getting into the crags of it all perhaps a touch too zealously… but yes, a valid point - the drawing is rather excessively embellished from the sprite, armour and all :3


I wonder if the Unsayable Visitant allows for a pacifist fame character?


I guess I missed this post first time around since I wasn’t on the forum much then, but seeing it now, holy crap. @Puffagod you’re a legend. Hopefully I have the time to go through it all cause i already know its going to be a good read.


It was incredibly fun to read. I even enjoyed the lore hunting and visualizing of attack patterns!


Many thanks! I hope you enjoy it if you do C:

How do you mean? :o


Pacifist +25% Fame Never shot a projectile which hit an enemy. It doesn’t matter if the enemy suffered zero damage.

I don’t think that a bomb is a projectile


Aha I see - I thought the pacifist bonus was removed on inflicting any sort of damage… but I hear that its getting removed/reworked soon anyhow. So I suppose you could! On a similar note then, could you (theoretically) make a pacifist build using the Nth Amputation, if you only hit enemies with the return projectile? Because it is spawned by another entity (the first projectile?) However impossible it would be in practice…



“Interesting title, pretty sure I’ve heard this one years ago”

opens link and sees text formatting, scrollbar width and text wall

“This man should put together a dev team and make his own game rather than proposing an elaborate idea that will rest upon chance to make it into the real game.”

Seriously though. Lots of attention to detail, and it seems like a lot of thought was put into it. Impressive stuff :+1: