Elder Realms as a "complete Standalone"

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Elder Realms: A Feasibility?

Regular Realm of the Mad God may have gotten to be a bit boring for many players- even the hardest dungeons, such as the Lost Halls and The Shatters, can be easily and safely completely even for low-mid skill players as long as they are in discords.

How do we solve this? With the introduction of a more difficult “dungeon:” the Elder Realm.

Now, for the Elder Realms to be of some difficulty, we cannot allow everything from the old game to apply to the Elder Realms. Your characters from Realm will not be playable, and your pet will be (x)% efficient.

In order to access this “Elder Realm,” you will need to have had at least 4 6/8s in your account at any time. They do not have to be simultaneously fielded, and dead characters could too.

You will start off selecting a character “type:” “Mage types” and “Warrior types”. In this case, Mage and Warrior do not refer to any specific class in Realm and only is only relevant in the Elder Realms.

The Mage Class will not obtain any debuffs from using Staves or Wands, and they may use any ability belonging to the Wizard, Priest, Necromancer, Sorcerer or the Mystic. They may use the Robe without any penalty.

The Mage class may use the other weapons in the game. However, when wielding a sword they will suffer from a drastic fire rate reduction and move speed reduction. Likewise, when using a bow they will suffer from Fire Rate reduction. When using a dagger, Mages will suffer from reduced fire rate.

The Warrior class, on the other hand, will not be able to use Staves or Wands. They will not suffer a penalty from using Swords, Bows, Daggers or Katanas. They may use all armor types without penalty, and they may use any ability that Mages may not use.

Their starting stats are here, and they may differ.


Now, time to address the elephant in the room- levels.

There will be no level cap in this Elder Realms. Instead, when you level up you will receive an increase in your stats (You will gain a Y% stat increase. Of course, DEF is not affected. All stats will increase at different rates.). For example. If a level 1 Mage starts off at 100 HP, then at level ϴ then they will have 100+(100*Y/100)^(ϴ-1). (Y and ϴ may be adjusted).

The formulas for computing the effects of abilities and such will remain the same.

Mob AI and Stats

Enemies will now be assigned “levels”, like the players. Monsters will have a base HP and Damage and will increase relative to the level. If ϴ represents the level of the monster, and X the percent of increase per level (rate of increase per level up); The Monster’s HP will be

BaseHP*(1+X/100)^(ϴ-1). The Damage formula will be similar, but with different variables.

When mobs are generated, player levels will be factored into their levels. For example, let us assume that there are 3 players, with levels x, y, and z respectively. The monster level will be (x+y+z)/3. This will be extrapolated for N players.

Additional measures will need to be made for leechers. A player’s level will not be factored in if he is in the starter room and/or not actively moving.

Items and Drops

The items and drops will be the same as normal Realm of the Mad God.

Q: How does this solve the issue of the game becoming stale?

A: With the implementation of this “Elder Realm” system, this allows for skilled players that are bored of the normal realm to experience a RoTMG experience that organically scales with the skill of the player.

Please leave suggestions.


An Elder Realm basically renders the normal realm obsolete for most players
This is only a temporary fix (people will be asking for Elder Elder realms in less than a year)


Except for the fact that you cannot transfer anything between Elder Realms and normal Realm.
The formulas should be:

Base* (1+%/100)^(lvl-1).


It could work, but I feel like there should be some kind of end goal. Having it be hard work to get to and complete that goal is fine, but I feel like it should have some kind of final point (since fighting the same monsters over and over again, albeit at greater strength, would get tedious). Probably a series of difficult bosses that you have to face all in a row that are only feasible at a certain minimum level?


It’s a WIP for a reason- Eventually there will be final bosses and such.

eh, I agree.

Also, what do you think of a system in which:

  1. There are Y bosses
    1a) Each boss has a unique tokens
    1a,subpoint a) Thus; there are Y total unique tokens
    2)You can turn in Y tokens for a “legendary” skill/weapon/armor of your choosing


That could definitely work! Perhaps each token could have a level corresponding to the boss’ level, and the equipment could be more or less powerful depending on the tokens’ levels? I’m just trying to think of ways to make the final bosses worth playing multiple times without making it too grindy. (Though looking back on it, I may have done just that with this idea…)


Well, since there are no level caps, I assume that we could chalk any mob/player within a certain level “block”
(e.g. levels 1-5, etc.)
are of roughly similar status and thus could be given a weapon of that caliber.

However, this would constantly require the monitoring of the top group of players so that constant improvements to the prizes can be made.


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